Political Tidbits…Governor’s Race

YEAR OF THE WOMAN…..if early activity is any indication the next Governor may be a woman…..first out of the campaign gate was current SOS Natalie Tennant and Betty Ireland former SOS has today announced a serious campaign team…..it is strong and likely costly.

Back a few days the National Journal said WV Governor’s race was a  “fast developing race is off to a slow start”….. may be true when it comes to male candidates…..finally Sen. Clark Barnes filed official papers…..Treasurer John Perdue says he has a “Perdue Plan” but has not filed…..Charleston GOP legislator Patrick Lane filed….. West Virginia pollster Mark Blankenship weight in on the race……click here to get his early views on the race.

News about Coal…..just for West Virginians…..sponsored by Friends of Coal…..get the details here.

It’s not an election year for DEMOCRATS in the Legislature [at least most of them]…..the Democratic Legislative Council hosts a “What does the future hold in WV politics” event 2/10/2011…..an evening of talk with Governor Tomblin, House and Senate leaders [wonder which ones]…..tropical food, drink and music.

Senator Jeff Kessler…..one of the first to show an interest in being Governor…..almost two years ago…..has not filed…..maybe he was just ACTING!

Valentine’s Day love fest is an invitation only meeting of the WV Center-Right Coalition…..you can bet it will be a serious conversation.

Living happily is Scottsdale, AZ is former Governor Hulett C. Smith.  Visited by his grandchildren daily at age 92…..he is beloved by those who worked with him.

LAST FRIDAY readers of Charleston newspaper awoke to a full page color anti Senator Joe Manchin ad…..paid for by the WV Republican Party…..and not even a candidate in sight…..plus there is NRSC website keeping its eye on Manchin.

Republicans in 2004 had 10 candidates for Governor and expected [one}…..2008 one filed former Sen. Russ Weeks…..Saturday’s deadline with names still mentioned from the Kanawha Valley…..former Sen. Steve Harrison…..House Minority Leader Tim Armstead…..Delegate Troy Andes [not 30 yet but will be in time]…..living in nearby Jackson County Delegate Mitch Carmichael.

JUST IN…..former Delegate Charles Trump who lead Republicans in the Legislature is pondering the race…..Central WV has a potential candidate in Rick Rice…..he has been Chairman of the WV Association of County Officials in addition to the County Commissioners…..Rice headed the Rural Development office for President Bush 2nd term WV…..plus Mike Teets has not made up his mind…..LOOKS LIKE 10 …..and counting.

Reported in POLITICO today…..Senator Manchin is one of a  “handful of moderate Senate Democrats are looking for ways to roll back the highly contentious individual mandate – the pillar of President  Obama’s health care law – a sign  that red-state senators are prepared to assert their independence ahead of the 2012 elections.”  The report says the senators are prepared to break with the White House on a wide range of issues:  embracing deeper spending cuts, scaling back business regulations and overhauling environment rules.   POLITICO says the Democratic moderates strongly refuted suggestions that their positioning is being influenced by electoral politics.  MANCHIN said, “I truly believe all bills need to be bipartisan.”

Dates to note…..WV Patriots in Randolph Co. meets February 15 for a monthly meeting to plan a Tax Day Rally…..Taylor County GOP plan an April 30th Lincoln Day Dinner.

REMEMBERING RONALD REAGAN……on his 100th birthday this week.  What a better way to recall than listening to his 1964 speech for presidential candidate Goldwater…..which started his political career.


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