Political Tidbits

In some ways the current U. S. Senate race resembles 1978…..Senator Jennings Randolph was challenged by two term Governor Arch Moore…..Randolph won by 4,717 votes…..Manchin like Randolph stays in close touch with West Virginia families and communities.

As the mid-term congressional election heats up Mitt Romney’s Free Strong & Strong America PAC has endorsed Raese, McKinley, Capito and Maynard in WV.  Romney as a presidential candidate in 2008 visited WV three times.

Is the Manchin campaign about to hit the fast forward button?

Arch Moore Republicans are quietly remembering and talking about the race John Raese ran against Moore for Governor…..what impact will this have on the close Raese/Manchin contest?

Overlooked in the 2010 noise is the importance of redistricting to be fought out in the 2011 legislative session…..it’s a shame the GOP offered so few candidates…..it may be there that the next congressional representation is decided.

Is the October 22 visit of Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell from nearby Kentucky the beginning of VIP’s planning trips to the Mountain State…..remember how they poured in the last week of the Bush 2000 campaign in WV.

Back to 1978….. the polls and pundits did not paint a bright picture for Senator Randolph…..they overlooked how he was always in touch and at the smallest gatherings…..will Governor Manchin’s personal approach make the difference as it did for Randolph 32 years ago?

Where does Mike Stuart get all his energy and ideas…..he is taking a new and different road as GOP Chair…..maybe a dry run for a personal run for statewide office in 2012.

Where have all the candidates gone…..the closeness of the U. S. Senate race has caused many to put efforts on hold…..but wait until November 3rd…..don’t expect politics to be on hold.

It seems to be official…..Senator Clark Barnes says he is running for Governor…..he has a track record of announcing then having second thoughts…..but the Elkins newspaper reports he has engaged an out of state consulting firm…..we’ll see.

Why would Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wait until 2016…..she just got out worked in Iowa last time around…..Obama gets weaker everyday…..he is not flexible like Bill Clinton…..he stays on message even when the polls confirm his policies are disliked…..and replacing Joe Biden with Hillary just won’t fly…..unless Obama changes…..he may be President but Hillary is still a favorite with the rank & file party types. 

The NRSC independent expenditure ad to assist the Raese campaign was in poor taste…..West Virginians don’t like being depicted as hillbillies…..not a good strategy in a close race…..every vote counts!

A pick up from POLITICO…..’Tanya Rahall, sister of Rep. Nick Rahall, allegedly threatened to make sure the ‘doors on Capitol Hill will be closed’ to a lobbying firm that fired her, according to a civil lawsuit filed against her and another lobbyist,’ POLITICO’s John Bresnahan writes   http://politi.co/a21w4u

Check out Mitt Romney’s new web site www.freestrongamerica.com.


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