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Rural Fight Ahead?

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Small States

The significance of small states is the subject of a lengthy article in The New York Times. The focus is on their growing importance in the U.S. Senate. Throughout the article you can feel the message of unfairness to urban America. When a publication such as this New York newspaper gives this much attention to a subject it normally means just the beginning of a fight against rural states.  As pointed out small state Senators are influencing the outcomes of filibusters, forming legislation and sharing the federal dollar.  We don’t want to lose that influence.

We have written here from a rural perspective about preserving the Electoral College which is under attack and how the US Secretary of Agriculture has not fought for rural development for states like West Virginia.  All of us Republicans, Democrats and Independents here and elsewhere in rural America must work together to prevent any movement that attacks the Constitution to do us harm.

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Republican Bank Is Open

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Republican activists should be aware the State Party is now paying for mailings and phone calls for candidates in non-partisan elections.  Just open these links and see for yourself.

I recall Republican legislative candidates in the 2012 election who desperately needed this type assistance.  This kind of help might have made the differences in the make-up of the current House of Delegates.

Based on this development it appears if you are a Republican running for a non-partisan election – or more importantly a partisan election you should call on the WV Republican Party to provide costly assistance.

Maybe this is a new endeavor on the part of the Party and was never discussed or voted on in Party meetings.