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Full Swing

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Blog News 9.29.12

This is PhillipsBillBoard first Blog News posting.  This has been a busy week for political news.  Thanks for sending me your ideas.  Below is a collection from around the State.   You can read the full story of those you find of interest.  Just click on the headline.  Feel free to forward the newsletter to your friends or they may sign up by clicking on Join Our Mailing List.

General elections are grueling

By Nanya Friend [Editor & publisher, Charleston Daily Mail]

You may be sick of campaign ads and speechifying, but it’s about to get worse.

 Secretary of state to critics: ‘I did my job’   

By Kate White [The Charleston Gazette]

Secretary of State Natalie Tennant said voter identification laws are a hot topic, but hopes the issue won’t overshadow the strides her office has made. 

Captio, Swint a student in contrasts

By Jared Hut [Daily Mail Capitol Reporter]

Voters in the middle slice of West Virginia can’t say they don’t have a choice for Congress.

‘Trackers’ now part of political arsenal

By Ry Rivard [Daily Mail Capitol Reporter]

A weekend run-in between Democrat Attorney General Darrell McGraw and a Republican campaign staffer who was following him illustrates the seemingly omnipresent beings modern politicians have to deal with: trackers.

Democrats target Maloney in robocalls

By Ry Rivard [Daily Mail Capitol Reporter]

The West Virginia Democratic Party made automated phone calls Sunday to accuse Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney and national Republican Governors Association of throwing state Republican lawmakers “under the bus”.

Raese has experience needed to improve nation

By Thomas W. Newcomer, Charles Town [Letter to Editor, The Journal, Martinsburg]

I had the opportunity to meet U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin for the first time just recently. I found him very likable and an excellent politician.

GOP Files Complaint over Robocalls

By Joselyn King [Political Writer, The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register]

The West Virginia Republican Party filed a complaint with the Secretary of State’s Office Tuesday alleging state Democratic leaders violated election laws with a recent automated call effort.

GOP challenger criticizes Tennant over election-fraud cases

By Eric Eye [Staff writer, The Charleston Gazette]

The Republican candidate for West Virginia secretary of state said Monday that incumbent Natalie Tennant is taking too much credit for the spate of election-fraud convictions in Southern West Virginia in recent years.

Candidates are being endorsed

The Herald-Dispatch, Huntington

CABELL COUNTY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ENDORSEMENTS: The Political Action Committee of the Cabell County Education Association has endorsed the following candidates for the Nov. 6 general election:

State Dems make robocalls to Republican voters

By Paul J. Nyden [Staff writer, The Charleston Gazette]

On Sunday, the state Democratic Party began making several thousand robocalls to registered Republican voters in several West Virginia legislative districts that elected Republicans to the state Legislature

Twitter shuts 5 political accounts

By Lawrence Messina [The Associated Press]

Twitter has shut down accounts set up in the names of West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw and state Senator Walt Helmick after Democratic Party officials complained they were fakes.

Election-related deadline is Oct. 24 for letter to the editor

Editor’s Log [News and Sentinel, Parkersburg

General Election is fast approaching, judging by the seemingly non-stop television attack ads that say little about anything other than sling mud at an opponent.

Candidates square off in first meeting

By Ry Rivard [Daily Mail Capitol Reporter]

To hear incumbent Attorney General Darrell McGraw tell it, his Republican opponent is a front man for the companies McGraw’s office prides itself for suing.

Dems, GOP at odds over ‘robocalls’

By Paul J. Nyden [Staff writer, The Charleston Gazette]

Republican candidate Bill Maloney’s campaign filed a formal complaint with Secretary of State Natalie Tennant’s office on Tuesday over automated “robocalls” that the state Democratic Party made to Republican voters.

Election commission won’t appeal ruling on campaign spending

By Phil Kabler [Staff writer, The Charleston Gazette]

As expected, the state Elections Commission voted Tuesday not to appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court a state Supreme Court decision blocking payment of matching funds in a public campaign financing pilot project.

Beau Biden Stumps in City

By Dave Gossett [For The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register]

The son of Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday a Mitt Romney victory would mean immediate budget cuts for military veterans.

Candidates see ways to grow agribusiness

By Phil Kabler [Staff writer, The Charleston Gazette]

Both candidates on the November ballot for state agriculture commissioner believe it is important to expand agriculture as a state industry, but propose different ways to do it.

Some calling for more debates

By Zack Harold & Ry Rivard [Daily Mail Staff]

Voters will get a few opportunities to see West Virginia candidates’ debate this year – but not enough, said some of the challengers hoping to unseat incumbents.

Robocalls prompt GOP outrage

By Ry Rivard [Daily Mail Capitol Reporter]

Republicans are crying foul over a series of weekend phone calls by the West Virginia Democratic Party.

Field at odds over ID laws

By Jared Hunt [Daily Mail Capitol Reporter]

Candidates running to represent Kanawha County’s 36th House of Delegates district clashed over whether the state should enact voter identification laws during a meeting with the Daily Mail editorial board.

100% support for coal

By Rep. Shelley Moore Capito

On Friday the U. S. House of Representatives wrapped up the last week of session before members returned home.

Manchin’s hair and the Flowbee?  It’s not a joke

By Zack Harold [Daily Mail staff]

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin’s latest ad claims his wife, Gayle, has cut his hair for more than 20 years.

Auditor candidates promise efficient, public awareness

By Phil Kabler [Staff writer, The Charleston Daily Mail]

Seeking his sixth fur-year term as state auditor, Glen Gainer stressed improvements in efficiency and transparency in the office since he first arrived in 1933.

Posts at center of Senate race

By Jared Hunt [Daily Mail Capitol Reporter]

The 8th District state Senate race has devolved into a debate.

Dem-funded TV ad targeted in governor’s race

By The Associated Press

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — At least some West Virginia television stations are balking at airing an ad attacking the Republican candidate for governor.



Big Four

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Big Money Races

There appears to be little interest in 2012 November election.  However, there is always interest in money.  Three statewide races are drawing attention.  Today was the deadline for candidates to file finance reports.  Take a close look. Just click on the name.

To view the financial reports of other candidates click here.


Bill Maloney

Earl Ray Tomblin

Attorney General

Darrell McGraw

Patrick Morrisey

Commissioner of Agriculture

Walt Helmick

Kent Leonhart

Justice of Supreme Court

Letitia “Tish” Chafin

Robin Jean Davis

Allen Loughry

John Yoder



Friday, September 28th, 2012

Recently I have been out and about at various events and places.  Often I am hearing “your blog is the only way I know what is going on in politics”.  Followed by why are you not publishing?  Let me explain.

Since I am active in politics (Republican) or have a lot of friends (Democrats) I have tried to be careful not to let my bias come through or hurt the campaigns of those offering themselves to public service.

Careful but not reluctant might be the right policy. Maybe it is time to change my policy.

If you don’t live in the “political valley” along the Kanawha River it is likely you may have missed developing stories or gossip.  I know I have lived there and along the Potomac in Washington.

I don’t have a staff so the only way I can provide you the happenings is gathering news stories and information from you.  Glad to spend what time I have doing so.

Readers of PhillipsBillBoard can become the eyes and ears of this blog.  Just send me “active links” to your area government, political and campaign news.  Candidate information/releases are welcome but “active links” are a must.  Upcoming events might be interesting.  I will review and publish as my time allows.  Send to

I will still be careful but will work to fill the vacuum.  There is a lot happening out there.


Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Again WV candidates are at the post.  Ry Rivard [Capitol Reporter for Daily Mail] has provided a snapshot of the political races just as the gate opens on these horse races.  Many PhillipsBillBoard readers and political junkies may not see his Charleston Daily Mail piece.  It is provided here to keep our readers updated.

Political Tidbits…9.1.12

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

TAMPA….in the early morning hours of yesterday most WV delegates to the Republican National Convention started for home….fired up about Mitt Romney as the country’s next President….but a little less unified as a State Republican Party than when they arrived.

The big HIT….was the HAT….coal miner’s hats worn by WV delegates that drew attention to coal and the EPA issues being faced in our State….a Donna Gosney idea….with HATS by James River Coal.

Before putting the GOP convention behind us….it was interesting that the Romney campaign did not back away from Bain Capital….after all the negative TV ads Obama and his allies have run…..another observation was the impressive individuals on the Republican bench….ready to go.

Now it is back to work in West Virginia with only 67 days for campaigning…yes and don’t forgot the Democratic National Convention next week….how could you!

Democrats and Republicans held conventions this summer where they adopted platforms….these little read documents outline how they will govern if successful in November….in fact they are hard to find and not seen in the media…here is your chance to compare….click WV Democratic 2012 Platform to read and here for the 2012 WV Republican Platform….now what do you think?

A Tweet not to miss…@CampaignCarl tweeted last night “Devastating video showing the president hitting the copy and paste button on American Allies”.

WHY….would Bill Maloney’s campaign manager be in Tampa….maybe looking for his next job/campaign….it was noted in a Charleston DM story he was there….taking time from a WV based campaign….is this a serious campaign?

Interesting political numbers in The West Virginia Poll conducted by the Charleston Daily Mail….since many PHILLIPSBILLBOARD readers don’t see the DM click here to see where things stand in the presidential and gubernatorial races.

Three Tampa interviews from WV Delegates to the RNC convention….John McCutcheon talked about Liberal Media…student Joe Strauss says President snubs Israel…and Kris Warner a National Journal interview.  Read by clicking on the names.