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Maloney Files Pre-Candidacy

Monday, November 28th, 2011

This morning Bill Maloney filed pre-candidacy paperwork for Governor with the Secretary of State.  A full disclosure of candidacy will occur when candidates file for office in West Virginia starting January 9th ending on January 29th.

Maloney To Announce

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Maloney To Announce

PHILLIPSBILLBOARD has learned Bill Maloney former GOP gubernatorial candidate will make an announcement Tuesday regarding his political plans to file an exploratory committee.  It is rumored Maloney will run again if he can raise in the neighborhood of $2 million before the January 29th filing deadline for the 2012 election. 

Sources said Senator Clark Barnes, an opponent of Maloney’s in the May primary for Governor, told a weekend meeting of GOP leaders he had spoken with Maloney who would have “a big announcement” on Tuesday. 

It has been confirmed Maloney is making calls to former opponents to discuss his concept to seek the Republican nomination.  Likewise, that he does not want to spend his personal funds in a second run for Governor.  Maloney spent $2.45 million of his personal wealth on the 2011 campaign.

Super Committee Flunks

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic Leader in the U. S. Senate suggested the ideas of the super committee that will be making big news this week.  Reid was quoted in the Las Vegas Sun last week said “I have no regrets whatsoever about the suggestion that I made for a supper committee.”

DO NOT MISS READING the piece I clipped from POLITCO’S Playbook this morning.  It provides a BEHIND THE SCENCES LOOK at the mess.   You will see how Congress works or should I say does not work…..  CLICK HERE.

From a news perspective I am including a front page story from The Washington Post with the headline “Hopes Fades for Debt Panel”Read the full story here.

The New York Times takes a look with a piece “Deficit Panel Faces Rift Over Who Ought to Pay”.  Read the full story here.

Trust me you will enjoy and not believe the POLITICO clip.

Obama Pressure on Coal Jobs

Friday, November 18th, 2011

The Obama administration pressured analysts to change an environmental review to reflect fewer job losses from a proposed regulation, the contractors who worked on the review testified Friday. 

The dispute revolves around proposed changes to a rule regulating coal mining near streams and other waterways. The experts contracted to analyze the impact of the rule initially found that it would cost 7,000 coal jobs. 

But the contractors claim they were subsequently pressured to not only keep the findings under wraps but “revisit” the study in order to show less of an impact on jobs.  Read the rest of the story here.

Political Observations & News

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

A Blurry President

Barack Obama, the blurry president is covered by The Morning Fix.  Democratic pollster makes observations in a memo.  Read the full piece here.

Perdue House Calls

The Charleston Gazette has found nearly a third of State Treasurer John Perdue’s employees wrote checks to their boss’s campaign on the same day in February.  Read the full story here.

Perdue & the FBI

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Employees Homes Visited

The Charleston Gazette reports this morning the FBI is questioning WV Treasurer John Perdue’s employees about campaign contributions.  Below you will find copies of the finance reports Perdue filed with the Secretary of State in his primary campaign for Governor earlier this year.  Read the full Gazette story here.

First Primary       April 1, 2011               7:04 PM

Pre-Primary         May 3, 2011               4:15 PM

Post-Primary       June 28, 2011             3:22 PM

First-General       August 26, 2011          3:56 PM

First-General       August 26, 2011          3:57 PM

Pre-General         September 23, 2011    2:37 PM

What Started It All

Last month The Charleston Gazette reported federal prosecutors were investigating a land deal between state Treasurer John Perdue and a Charleston developer Douglas E. Pauley.  Read the full story here.

Records detail Housing Fund officials’ efforts

Gazette reporter Eric Eye details the steps taken by housing fund Administrators to ensure project on Purdue land was funded.  Read the full story here.

Governor’s Finance Reports

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The money has been collected, borrowed and spent.  The 2011 Special Election candidates for Governor filed their reports this afternoon.  Below you can click and see where the money came from and where it went.

Bill Maloney 

Earl Ray Tomblin

Inaugural Tidbits & Politics

Monday, November 14th, 2011

WV Gubernatorial history yesterday…and in the making…now Governor Earl Ray Tomblin…in his inaugural address…stayed with his campaign message…the 2012 primary election filing only 57 days away…potential opponents were in the audience…but no signs of a campaign.

At least one sign…was seen at a recent WVU basketball game for ACTING Senate President Jeff Kessler…not a homemade one…but printed…Kessler for Governor 2012…but WV State Senators…may end or start that gubernatorial campaign…when they vote this week for a new Senate President to replace Tomblin.

As inaugural visitors walked the “hallway of gubernatorial portraits”…they were greeted outside SOS Natalie Tennant office…by a computer screen with Tennant on a loop…plus an exhibit [of some type]…WHY…guess exposure to lots of POLITICOS…attending the historic inauguration.

Tomblin may be from the South…but the traffic was heavy on I-79 going North…after the ceremony…the same could be said for Tomblin being a Democrat…Congresswoman Capito & husband Charlie were the VIP Republicans on hand…along with many who served in the Underwood administration.

Being received warmly was former Governor Bob Wise…and Sen. Joe Manchin introduced Governor Tomblin…with what sounded like a legacy speech…Manchin’s applause was only exceeded…by Tomblin’s commitment to fighting EPA and standing strong for coal.

Dignitaries were introduced…and members of the House of Delegates arrived…with redistricting still unsettled…hundreds attended…including foes & friends…seated on platform benches [behind Tomblin]…politicos and the state’s citizens in January 2013…may want to change the state’s constitution…after the attending the warmest inauguration on record.

SPEAKING OF POLITICOS…here are a few political tidbits…from the morning political news

Is Romney Inevitable? Asked who they believe will win the primary contest, regardless of who they want to win, 48 percent of Republicans named Romney in our new poll.  Alex Burns story (POLITICO) out this morning on Romney grinding down conservative resistance:

Look what the Supercommittee is considering….Robert Pear writes page 1 NYT…“[T]he panel would decide on the amount of new revenue to be raised but would leave it to the tax-writing committees of Congress to fill in details next year, well beyond the Nov. 23 deadline for the panel itself to reach an agreement…

A Pizza Party with Herman Cain…interviewed by General Quarterly…read it here “

PERRY: “Perry drops ‘values’ mail in S.C.,” by Maggie Haberman: “Perry, whose advisers eschewed direct mail in his gubernatorial campaign last cycle, is dropping a hefty amount of it into South Carolina. … [T]here’s … separate section dealing with his ‘detailed plan to secure the border,’ an unnamed nod to the questions that have arisen about Perry and immigration since the Orlando debate in late September.” http://bit. ly/sYlwN9

Gingrich robocalls in Florida: The Washington Post Morning Fix says…A GOP source in Florida passes along this robocall from Team Gingrich.  In the call, Gingrich plays up the momentum created by his debate performances. “The debates have gone exceedingly well, and I can tell you more than a few conservatives can’t wait to see me and President Obama in a one-on-one debate,” Gingrich says in the call. “Poll numbers are moving steadily upwards, and voters in the early states are starting the take notice.”  Gingrich doesn’t have much of a campaign operation these days, but the robocalls suggest the beginning of a media campaign to capi­tal­ize on his momentum.

Election 2012

Monday, November 7th, 2011

In case you are not one of phillipsbillboard readers following the presidential campaign, you may find The Washington Post articles below a good update.  The election is only 364 days but seems in full swing. 

A year from Election 2012, a dark mood awaits Obama and GOP rival

By Dan Balz, Jon Cohen & Chris Cillizza (The Washington Post)

One year out from the 2012 election, President Obama faces the most difficult reelection environment of any White House incumbent in two decades, with economic woes at the center of the public’s concerns, an electorate that is deeply pessimistic and sharply polarized, and growing questions about the president’s capacity to lead.  Read the full story here.

Romney still seen as most electable, poll shows

By Jon Cohen & Dan Balz (The Washington Post)

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has a significant advantage over his rivals for the Republican president nomination in only one area – electability – and will approach the next round of candidate debates with several potential liabilities, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.  Read the full story here.