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Finance Reports Here…Election Underway

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Candidates for governor have filed their last finance report until after the special election.  Early voting started this week.  The reports filed today cover expenditures from August 22 until September 18.  To see where Republican Bill Maloney has gotten his money and where it was spent click this link.  The details of Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin’s funds may be read by clicking this link.

This does not tell the full story as outside political organizations have poured money into the campaigns and it is not over yet.

Political Tidbits…What Happen Last Night?

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Party faithful last night honored Lincoln & Reagan…and cheered on GOP gubernatorial candidate Maloney…Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour was brought in…for the Gala…to push Maloney’s election….beat up on EPA spoke before dinner and departed.

FIERY speaker of the evening was Congressman David McKinley…long term political observers were impressed…and believe he is positioning himself well…as all members of Congress faced an uncertain future.

Everyone’s favorite Republican…Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito…urged Maloney’s election…called on the dinner goers…to work on turnout to make this happen.

County level Republican leaders came from across the state…one Legislator was heard saying he never received an invitation…but wanted to hear Barbour…but MARK THE DINNER as a SUCCESS.

Allen Loughry…who planned to seek a Supreme Court seat…as an independent and switched to Republicanintroduced himself with a piece of campaign literature at every table…with George Manahan as Treasurer…Manahan headed Democrat John Perdue’s recent race for Governor.

It appeared Maloney in his remarks…was encouraging Putnam Prosecuting Attorney Mark Sorsaia…to run for Attorney General in 2012…wonder where that leaves the plans of State Party Chairman Stuart…seated next to him…who is rumored ready to run.

GREAT NEWS…greeting Republicans before the dinner…CONRAD LUCAS will lead WV Young Republicans…he learned the value of party organization…in his 2010 run for Congress…YR’s is where WV’s youngest Governor…Cecil Underwood…started.

State Committee members…were asking around if the incorrect memorandum of 8/23 & 9/1…sent by the Party headquarters…to the Secretary of State…had been corrected…the Committee had passed a resolution in July…how the state’s delegates to the 2012 Republican National Convention…would be selected…the two memorandum to the Secretary of State…did not reflect the resolution…Chairman Stuart told one committee member…this would be fixed Monday (9/19)…the RNC deadline for certifying materials to govern the selection of national convention delegates is due in Washington October l.

Chairman Stuart deserves kudos…for instituting a Chairman’s Award…to recognize the work of past Party Chairs…Thomas E. Potter who served in the 1980’s was honored…Stuart also passed out honors to House Minority Leader Tim Armstead and Senate Minority Leader Mike Hall.

Governor’s Race Starts

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Well it finally started.  The results are in from a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) in North Carolina. The Governor’s race will be getting more attention, more activity and more enthusiasm to activate the party faithful.  What the candidates need is for the voters to take an interest.  The results of this poll say they should turn on their GOTV (Get Out To Vote) machine.  PPP shows Tomblin with 46% and Maloney at 40% and 14% undecided.  Maloney is turning the race at about the same point he did in the Republican primary.

Read the analysis here.  More details.

Labor Day…Political Tidbits

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Labor Day…a traditional start of political campaigns…something better start this special election for Governor…or no one is going to vote…there is no enthusiasm about this election…it appears even party activists are quiet.

WHAT IS GOING ON…State Republican Committee members should be furious when they read the memo sent by their paid staff to Secretary of State…the resolution passed in July was specific [how delegates to 2012 national convention would be chosen]…the memo in no way reflects the decision made…click & read the highlighted sections of the RESOLUTION [which is the formula passed] and the MEMO [Binding of Delegates prepared at the party headquarters]…does that look like what party officials voted 79 to 24?  

Seems State Chairman Stuart…will need to firepunish/disciplineask for a resignation…let’s hope Stuart did not “sign off” on this MEMO…if it is learned he did…then he should resign immediately…what was done is just plain dishonest…and disrespectful to state GOP committee members.  Talk about a serious breach of trust!

 HOW TO TREAT OTHERS…a story about the kindness of the people in Gander, Newfoundland…as the world faced 9/11…provides an example…that should not be forgotten.

Here is some Labor Day readingMaureen Dowd’s Sunday NYT column “One and Done?

Gov. Perry & then Gov. Manchin…signed a letter in October, 2008 urging Congress to pass an economic recovery package…[now-Sen. Joe Manchin] at the time served as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association…nothing unusual here.

WV Education will get a boost…from former First Lady Laura Bush…she will address the annual fund raising dinner…of the Education Alliance…November 9th in Charleston…information @ 304.342.7850 or

Here is your chance to have lunch with Dick Morrisclick here…I do it every day

Gear-up for a real fight in WV Senate…if Tomblin removes Acting…from his title and become the real Governor.