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Political Tidbits…4.27.11

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

WEST VIRGINIA calling…Donald Trump…last week he told ABC news reporter George Stephanopoulos…he offered to build an enormous ballroom at the WHITE HOUSE…to replace the TENT used for state dinners…it is reported he told former WH advisor David Axelrod…”you put up an old broken canvas tent”…probably rented from some overcharging local company…sound familiar…Senator Manchin CALL THE DONALD…your tent is gone.

The political community in WV got a shot yesterday…when it was confirmed by Public Policy Pollingthe special Governor’s race is still undecided…14% of Democrats far in that category…28% of Republicans are not sure who gets their vote…when the margin of error is factored in…WELL.

[acting] Governor Tomblin seems the most assured…by the numbers…hard to believe Tennant’s numbers have fallen…or that Thompson’s TV guitar playing has caused his increase…Perdue’s ground game has called attention to his efforts…numbers up.

REPUBLICANS…really undecided…expect that contest to heat up…Maloney has turned on his GOTV machine…touching voters directly…phones…direct mail…and even a telecommunications TOWN HALL meeting…voters were contacted by phone…and given an opportunity to ask questions directly of Bill Maloney…good move.

Gov. Underwood always said… timing was everything in a campaign…Betty Ireland released a TV commercial immediately after the PPP results…which showed her leading…Maloney campaign says she is losing votes…from the earlier PPP survey…she should have …as it was done before Maloney & others entered the race…BUT THE RACE IS UNDECIDED…and it seems these two are on the verge of a real FIGHT.

Quietly…Sen. Clark Barnes works his plan…known as a constant campaigner…strategic and under the radar…in an area where he should not be known…endorsed by the Huntington newspaper.

ENDORSEMENTS matter…just ask Governor Tomblin…both Charleston newspapers offered up their support this morning…picture and all in the Gazette…most interesting the final sentence of the Gazette endorsement…sounds like it includes the October 4 general election…REPUBLICANS take note.

All things political in WV is not the Governor’s race…State GOP Chair Stuart has a 2012 concept before his party…to determine if Republicans will hold another convention like 2008…or return to electing delegates in a primary election…to the national party convention…his concept even includes the option of a straw poll…look out IOWA.

TOMBLIN’s hidden campaign weapon…now not so secret is his wife Joanne…during an Elkins visit…she was a huge hit…even sat through a three hour evening of Chamber awards…former Gov. & Gayle Manchin…will remember an even longer ceremony.

Is vote-by-mail in our future…Morgantown finish their experiment yesterday…with 3,648 voting…compared to 1,600 in 2009…128 percent increase…they call it turnout…I call it VOTING.

First District Congressman David McKinley…off to a good start…during the first three months of 2011…he raised $536,654…but that is not all…he is carefully considering his vote on issues…not just following the crowd…his constituents should be proud of him…and that HE LISTENS.

MAY ELECTION getting underway FRIDAY…with early voting…there is likely to be more POLITICAL TIDBITS…the next 17 days.

Latest Public Poll on Governor’s Race

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

A North Carolina firm, Public Policy Polling, has been providing an independent look at the May 14th special election for the gubernatorial nomination.  Just released moments ago is a poll conducted last Thursday thru Sunday.

The results show Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin in a comfortable position in the Democrat primary but 14% voters surveyed are undecided  In the Republican contest former Secretary of State Betty Ireland leading but 28% undecided.

The “Anything Can Happen” primary is still not over with turnout becoming more important as early voting starts April 29th.

You can review the polls and the Public Policy Polling analysis by clicking here.

Sharing Insight 4.25.11

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Obama’s Likability Gap 

It is easy to see the difference.  But whatever happened to the hope & change guy from 2008?  Daniel Henninger wrote about “Obama’s Likability Gap” in a recent Wall Street Journal column.  Read his view here.

W. Va. Governor’s Race:  Republicans agree on health care, abortion, coal

Sunday Gazette-Mail offers a summary of what to expect from the Republicans seeking the nomination in the May 14 special primary election.  We are going to share for our readers who have not seen.  Read the full story here.

2011 Voters Guide to the Governor’s Race

Accompanying the summary story was the complete answers offered by the Republican candidates for Governor.  As promised last week the Republican responses are published here.  Read the full guide here.

Manchin Has It

An Inter-Mountain Editorial

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., has put his finger on flaws in President Barack Obama’s approach to deficit spending.  Read the full editorial here.

Media Stepping Up to the Plate

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Our State’s media are working hard to inform and interest voters in the May 14th special primary when both parties will nominate their candidates for Governor.  Everywhere interviews are being conducted and coverage given to the candidates, their vision for the future and how government should be run.

It is so important residents are informed, interested and vote.   It was only last August in another special primary for the U. S. Senate seat that less than 25 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

The media deserves praise for this effort.

Obama Moves Scare Tactics to a New Group

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

It has been a usual and customary vote getter to scare seniors about losing Medicare.  With polls showing young voters not as supportive – or at least as enthusiastic as in 2008 Obama used a scare tactic on youthful voters.

While at the Northern Virginia Community College town hall, Obama appealed to young voters saying that unless they mobilized, special interests will balance the federal budget by slashing student aid and other education spending.

As reported by  The Hill he told the town hall Republicans want to cut Pell Grant scholarships with their budget, Obama said, while his own budget plan would increase education spending.

“There are powerful voices in Washington…And they’re going to want to reduce the deficit on your backs.  And if you are not heard, that’s exactly what’s going to happen,” Obama said.

He was then off to rekindle excitement among younger voters at a town-hall hosted by Facebook in California.

Former Presidents Working To Find Economic Growth

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Former Presidents can be a powerful force in promoting actions that will help solve the many problems facing the country by improving job creation.

The George W. Bush Institute held an inaugural conference on Economic Growth earlier this month.  As one of the first initiatives in Economic Growth, the Institute created the 4% Project.  National experts, Nobel Laureates and CEO’s convened to explore and promote the mix of public policies and private business practices that would drive the U. S. Economy toward this level of sustainable economic growth.

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) has announced President Bill Clinton will host a CGI meeting focused on creating jobs and driving economic growth in the United States.  This will be the first Clinton Global Initiative dedicated to economic issues impacting the U.S. and will take place in Chicago in June.  The event will convene diverse stakeholders – including CEOs of American companies and international companies with U. S. operations, national and local government officials, and leaders from the nonprofit sector.  As with other CGI events, participants will be asked to make a “Commitment to Action”.

Washington…Political Tidbits

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

No plans to do Political Tidbits today…but there are so many Tidbits in a POLITICO newsletter…I clipped a few for you…I just could not help myself.  Read and enjoy.

–DONALD TRUMP, to George Stephanopoulos, on financial disclosure if he runs for president (promises a decision “sometime prior to June”): “Maybe I’m going to do the tax returns when Obama does his birth certificate. … I’d love to give my tax returns. I may tie my tax returns into Obama’s birth certificate.”

BOB WOODWARD and BEN BRADLEE AT THE NIXON LIBRARY – James Hohmann, in Yorba Linda: “[A] crowd of almost 1,000 welcomed Woodward and Bradlee with a standing ovation [last evening] … They spoke in a room designed as a replica of the White House East Room. Bradlee, leaning on a cane, … marveled at how many people still care about a decades-old conflict … Woodward is 68, seven years older than Nixon at the time of his resignation. … Woodward gave the crowd his theory that he sees the term ‘Watergate’ as shorthand for five different wars waged by Nixon. The first was the administration’s campaign against the anti-Vietnam war movement. The second was the war against the press and White House aides suspected of being disloyal. The third was efforts against those seen as abetting the anti-war movement and opposing the president’s reelection. … The fourth war was the cover-up. The fifth was a ‘war against history.'”

TOP STORY – WashPost A1, at the fold, “Economy is battering Obama in the polls: Despite dip in approval ratings, he still edges 2012 GOP contenders”: In the new Washington Post-ABC News poll, “47 percent approve of the job Obama is doing, down seven points since January. Half of all Americans disapprove of his job performance, with 37 percent saying they ‘strongly disapprove’ … Driving the downward movement in Obama’s standing are renewed concerns about the economy and fresh worry about rising prices, particularly for gasoline. Despite signs of economic growth, 44 percent of Americans see the economy as getting worse, the highest percentage to say so in more than two years.

“The toll on Obama is direct: 57 percent disapprove of the job the president is doing dealing with the economy … When Republicans and GOP-leaners were asked who they would vote for in a primary or caucus, only former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney registered in double digits, with 16 percent. … Businessman Donald Trump (8 percent), former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (6 percent) and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (5 percent) were the only other names volunteered by more than 2 percent of respondents.” Story Results going back years

— PALIN — “Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin back on the prowl,” by Jonathan Martin: “After a period in which most of the coverage about her related to either her tangles with the media or falling poll numbers, expect to see more such public appearances where she can take the offensive. Palin and her team recognize that, with Republicans like Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump crowding into their space, that’s the way to remain in the mix. They also know that they must do more to keep their supporters engaged, which explains the revamped website.”

–ROMNEY: On Sean Hannity’s radio show, responding to a question about Donald Trump attacking him, Mitt changed the topic: “Today was a big day. The Obama presidency was downgraded today. And people recognize that he’s playing chicken with the U.S. economy.”

Sharing Insight

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Obama Is Likely to Lose

Peggy Noonan lays out how Obama is likely to lose in 2012 in her Wall Street Journal DECLARATION column.  She then warns Republicans about what could happen if the GOP does not get serious.   Read the full opinion here.

West Virginia Governor’s Race

Dems differ on Tobacco Taxes, abortion

Sunday Gazette-Mail offers a summary of what to expect from the Democrats seeking the nomination in the May 14 special primary election.  We are going to share for our readers who have not seen.  Read the full story here.

 2011 Voters Guide to the Governor’s Race

Accompanying the summary story was the complete answers offer by the Democratic candidates for Governor.  The Republican responses will be published next week.  Read the full guide here.

 Check often for political and public policy insight and prospective.  With the WV election just a few weeks away forward to your friends and email list.

Outsiders Take A Look At Governor’s Race

Friday, April 15th, 2011

West Virginia has the only Governor’s race in the country this year.  As a result it is attracting national attention.  The Fix read regularly by political insiders wrote about our May 14th election.  Read here to see how it looks from the outside.

Obama Unscripted

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Last evening in Chicago President Obama was having a private chat with campaign donors.   What he did not realize that when the reporters traveling with him had left the room — the audio feed of his conversation was still being relayed to a distant press room.  POLITICO reported this morning CBS Radio News White House correspondent Mark Knoller was the only reporter who remained after the planned opening remarks concluded.   Hear it here.