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Political Tidbits…9.01.14

Monday, September 1st, 2014

It’s Labor Day…traditionally the start of the 2014 campaign season… but it started 11.07.12…not to be outdone the 2016 is already underway…at least for the presidency…and Senator Manchin being a placeholder for WV Governor.

State GOP Chair Lucas and his 2014 team have much at stake…they have put their political reputations on the line…promising to take over the House of Delegates…encouragement came Friday in The WV Poll…showing 41 percent of those polled favor Republicans controlling the Legislature compared to 39 percent of Democrats.

Already on high alert…incumbent House Democrats who normally feel safe…had better not run their normal style of campaign…or they could pay the price…modern campaigns are not just about showing up…but includes social media…telephone banks to GOTV…town halls…and lots of door knocking.  BTW…don’t forget to check your voting record.

These mostly local battles…will be difficult to follow…but smart candidates will be using free social media… that should be where to follow…outside of nasty TV ads…which Associated Press says is cued up.

Unless The WV Poll is wrong…the race for US Senate if nearly over…reported Friday in the Charleston DM…Capito has 54 percent and Tennant 37.

The entire 2014 election could be impacted by the Senate race…Republicans feel like Shelley is a shoe in…and stay home…costing local House of Delegate candidates needed votes…on the other side Democrats feel their local House candidates being incumbents are safe…that being the case it will all come down to getting the vote out…more than normal.

A movement of Republicans…is opening up with more support of Democrat Nick Casey…the 2nd congressional district…a “Republicans for Casey” organization took shape in the Charleston area just after the primary…it has been expanded to the Eastern Panhandle…reports coming out of the State Chamber’s annual meeting…is that well known GOP members were meeting with Casey…with his Maryland opponent Alex Mooney within sight…it is likely more is going on underground.

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito…who Alex Mooney wants to succeed…paid lip service to him…by including Mooney in the visit Gov. Romney made to support her Senate race…if you’re a Facebook reader you have to be impressed with the territory  Capito has covered during the summer congressional recess…she knows how to use social media…lots of messages in her pictures.

FINALLY…the voters have spoken up and told candidates…coal is not their top issue…but that is all you hear from candidates…jobs & unemployment continues as the top issue…granted coal plays into jobs…but wonder what would happen if a candidate actually had a vision about our future… without a strong coal economy…thanks Charleston Daily Mail for bringing this to the forefront.

There is growing unhappiness and disgust among normal Republicans with how mean those running Chairman Lucas’s State Republicans headquarters…have become…which backfire in turnout…negative is one thing…meanness another.

Democrats are not going to turn over the WV Legislature without a fight…and with August Interims over…the battle will be joined…with incumbents looking to those they have supported on various issues over the years…for extra support in this tough year for all incumbents…lobbyist plan on spending more.

Republicans are still asking who invited author Dinesh D’Souza who was about to be sentenced for federal charges of breaking campaign finance laws  to keynote a “Victory Dinner”…insiders say National Committeewoman Melody Potter…bragged at recent GOP Women’s lunch…about extending the invitation.

Speaking of Melody Potter…it was noticeable her name was not included on Kris Warner’s host committee for a coming fundraiser…they serve together on the national GOP committee.

ICYM…State BOE President Gayle Manchin and State Senator Donna Boley are at each other…Boley part of a team helped organize a WV Town Hall Forum about Common Core standards…which occurred as the legislature started August interims…an unexpected large turnout must have upset Manchin…and the emails started.

Outside money is pouring into the state to support campaigns in both camps…remember when an out-of-state group started running negative ads in Underwood’s 96 campaign for Governor…and he called for them to stop…how things have changed.

Cannot pass up mentioning the WV Derby at Mountaineer…a place where Politics & Horses come together annually…and the politics being playing out across the country…as horsemen figure out the future…not unlike what should be going on with WV’s economy.


We mourn the passing our friend Jim Reed who represented WV on the Republican National Committee from 2004 until 2012.  Jim’s support of our party was never ending.




Many Mansions & Tidbits

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

The story goes…when A. James Manchin [Joe’s Uncle Jimmy] was once running for the House of Delegates he often told audiences “…in my house are many mansion were it not so I would have told you”…well there is Gayle, Mark, Brooke, Tim, Joe IV, Heather and many more I assume…maybe that is where Democrats can find a U.S. Senate candidate.

Hard to understand 2nd congressional district Republican hopefuls …announcing their candidacy in August… when no one is paying attention…not even party insiders at the county level…learned long ago the announcement of candidacy may be your best news day.

Milking earned media in August was… I am not sure what office I want when I grow up… Delegate Suzette Raines (R-Kanawha)…just elected to the House in 2012…after part of one term says…I want to be a State Senator…now she thinks she wants to go to Washington…could turn out she at least wins the earned media contest…if she announces for Congress after Labor Day…who knows what she wants or where she will end up.

On the other side…of the 2nd district it may seem quiet…but primary candidate Nick Casey is out making house calls…earlier in the summer he paraded with Senator Joe & Gayle at Coalton Days.

In case you missed it this summer…state Democrats are bringing  out the big gun for the Jefferson/Jackson Day Dinner…VP Joe BidenI suggested in an earlier tweet he was coming to help look for a Senate candidate…could be…never underestimate the power of a guys named JOE.

Getting into the spotlight is State Senator Dave Sypolt (R-Preston)…was favorably mentioned in Charleston Gazette editorial last week…regarding State President Jeff Kessler’s “future fund idea”…good to see Sypolt stepping out.

Hard to believe the WV State Board of Education has engaged a law firm… to help it select a search firm… to search for a new State Superintendent…the same group of attorneys it hired to handle the lawsuit filed against it for firing Superintendent Jorea Marple…what happen to watching your money?

Yet to be seen…but will new House Speaker Tim Miley (D-Harrison) step up and save House Democrats in 2014…it’s going to take a major effort to get ahead of the enthusiasm and planning being done by the State GOP party.

The 2nd district GOP race…it may turned out to be a fight of ages… the experienced vs. the inexperienced…when 29 year-old Ron Walter, Jr. entered the race that thought struck me…the Republican party seems to be in an age transition.

Promise this is the last word…at least for now…on the 2nd congressional district…a factor yet to be heard from is Putnam County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Sorsaia…he built a lot of friends and name ID when he ran in the special election for Governor…keep an eye on his schedule.

BTW have you noticed the Democrats still have not found a candidate to run in the First Congressional District…Congressman David McKinley has performed well since his election in 2010…what is going on inside the Democratic party?

Politics & Horses…a giant in political journalism Jack Germond passed away this month…he had retired to Charles Town…was a regular at Charles Town Races…he once told NPR he went to Charles Town races twice a week as he said “it’s a totally cleansing experience.”




Political Tidbits…5.30.13

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Is Conrad Lucas State Republican Chair preparing for a run for Congress in the Third Congressional District…in a rare news conference yesterday he called out Congressman Nick Joe Rahall for his vote on jobs & energy…two key issues in any congressional race…political junkies will recall Lucas sought to run against Rahall…losing a 2010 primary to former Supreme Court Justice Spike Maynard…word has it Lucas is spending a lot of time at state GOP headquarters…his employment  use to require much travel.

Word circulated last night that twice defeated GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney…is putting together a “NONPARTISAN” policy tank…to be announced at Kris Warner’s Liberty Dinner Friday…which Maloney is a sponsor…it turned out  just be a rumorBUT  Maloney & friends today are announcing a conservative think tank at University of Charleston…the University is headed by former Lyndon Johnson aide Ed Welch…has Maloney decided to run again and needs an agenda…or is he and associates preparing for a GOP takeover of the House of Delegates in 2014…will see.

More politicos are showing an interest in the 2nd congressional seat being vacated by Congresswoman Capito…sources in Charleston say former Senator Steve Harrison getting serious…but Delegate Patrick Lane has cooled…a recent call came to get my take on Putnam Prosecuting Attorney Mark Sorsaia seeking the seat…more to follow.

The hottest contest now is who will the next Speaker of the WV House of Delegates…it changes daily but one thing for sure…any smart Lobbyist will stay out of this one.  Zack Harold of Charleston DM has a current status of the race in today’s newspaper…read it here.

Reaction continues positive to Republican Party ED Ward Wyatt…at least he has not started any controversy…as other Executive Directors.

What happened to the national search for a WV State Superintendent of Schools…maybe Super Jim Phares likes the $165,000.00 pay check…will former First Lady Gayle Manchin [now VP of State School Board] take over as President…after two years of Wade Linger…this will be interesting to watch in June.

Back to Bill Maloney…it is recalled that he was working on a nonprofit related to coal mine safety…maybe the new “conservative think tank”…will get the same follow up…which was what.

Overlooked in March…Kris Warner…you will remember his days as State GOP Chair…told The Martinsburg Journal that Ex –Maryland GOP Chair Alex Mooney…was eyeing the WV second congressional district seat…the story noted the former MARYLAND State Senator…defeated after his third term…Mooney the MD State Party Chair was ask to resign by Red Maryland…for lack of focus on the job…and not raising the $500,000 his platform promised…sounds like “two peas in a pod”.

Where is the Democratic candidate for the U. S. Senate?

Behind the scenes a Republican primary for the 2nd congressional district may be taking place…between Delegate Eric Nelson and Commissioner Charlotte Lane appointed by President Bush to the U. S. International Trade Commission…Lane was a top vote getter as a Delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention in the 2nd district.


Political Tidbits…5.17.13

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Quiet time for politics seem to end this week…WV House Speaker Thompson resigned…Obama sandals get noisy…the media is looking for a new Watergate [if your old enough to recall it]…some young hungry reporters have visions of being the next Woodward & Bernstein [key players in Watergate]…and WV political types are looking to the future…where to begin?

Most interesting…what could have moved Thompson to leave as Speaker now…it was well known Delegate Doug Skaff (D-Kanawha) has long had an eye on the Speakership…BUT was moving to become a serious candidate for the 2nd congressional seat…could this be a Manchin machine maneuver to get Skaff out of the congressional race…Sen. Manchin endorsed Nick Casey when he announced a run for Congress…Skaff’s political base in Kanawha could be an obstacle to Casey in the primary…nothing in politics is without purpose.

Where is the strong Democrat candidate…for the Rockefeller Senate seat…Congresswoman Captio is everywhere…the race may be over before a strong Democrat emerges…or will Captio peak too soon?

Gone but not forgotten…former AG Darrell McGraw and his wife Jorea Marple [State School Superintendent fired for no reason] will  be honored tonight in Charleston…McGraw will receive the Si Galperin in Defense of Democracy Award…Marple is getting the Don Marsh Public Award.

State Republicans are getting a daily dose of news…Executive Director Ward is putting together a collection of WV & national political news…it is called WVGOP Press Pass.

Rob Alsop who is leaving as Chief of Staff to Governor Tomblin built an impressive public policy & political record…while at the Governor’s side.

NOT TOO FAST…there is talk of Obama’s sandals turning into another Watergate…even of impeachment because of them…it should be remembered Watergate started slow…just a minor break-in at the Watergate headquarters of the Democratic National Committee…even in today’s fast moving 24/7 news & blog cycle Republicans should use caution…let all this mature…news organization will do the job…they like to sell newspapers and increase their TV ratings.

With Republican House of Delegates members breathing down the neck of their Democratic colleagues…don’t look for a family feud over who will be the next House Speaker… Democrats well know the GOP only needs to hold current seats and five victories to elect a Republican Speaker after the 2014 election.

After Conrad Lucas defeated fellow candidate Bob Adams [among others] to chair the State Republican Party…Lucas announced Adams would lead a major email fund raising effort…would be interesting to know if the WV GOP effort took place…but Adams is filling up the email boxes across the country using Benghazi & impeachment of Obama raising funds for Revive America USA.


Political Tidbits…2.28.13

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

February is the month the groundhog appears…well guess it’s time for PHILLIPSBILLBOARD…to show up before the month is out…seems political news has been slow during hibernation.

What has really been slow is a significant Democrat to emerge for the U.S. Senate seat …now that Rockefeller is not running…campaigns take a while…and filing is less than a year away.

Maybe the Democratsface the same dilemma that Republicans did for years…if your name was not Moore or Underwood…it was hard to become a statewide candidate…the cost of getting known today is great.

Statewide Democrats just elected to the Board of Public Works have name ID…but it does not look like any of them are going to try…Perdue & Tennant took a run in the 2011 special election for Governor…and that did not turn out well…plus they are likely looking at the opening slot for Governor in 2016.

Back to the dilemma…the names of Manchin, Tomblin & McGraw are about it…there are plenty of Manchins…Gayle, Mark, Tim and it goes on…Tomblin is not likely to leave the Governor’s Mansion and McGraw’s name is still known despite 2012.

Ralph [Who] Baxter…having just moved back to Wheeling from California…seems to be making sounds…he is close to the Manchin clan…heard Senator Harry Reid has made a few recruitment calls…but who would want that connection as a candidate… and all the while Shelly MOORE Capito keeps moving around outside her 2nd Congressional district.


Republicans seem to like the Eastern Panhandle…they have a State Committee meeting slated for March 9th in Morgan County…this will be a first for Ward Wyatt…their promising new Executive Director.

Nationally Republicans still need an answer…how they will face the future…tons of articles have been written…RNC Chair appointed a Fix-It panel and the NYT wrote about how it will take 20 years before the young techies can wrestle control of the party…that may not be in the case in WV.

Bill Maloney….was wandering the legislative halls recently…not sure he was looking for the Governor’s office…attending various receptions…and showed up at the high priced Chop House with AG Morrisey…wonder if he might be thinking of a move from the 1st congressional district…there is an open congressional seat in the 2nd.

Continuing his rise in state politics…Delegate J. B. McCuskey elected to the House in 2012…will be among the national speakers at this year’s CPAC conference in Washington…he was chosen as one of America’s rising young conservatives.

Maybe Sen. Joe Manchin is on to something with his “no labels” organization…seems no one is happy with either political party at the national level.

A senior Democrat in the WV House of Delegates…says he believes the only interest some of the new GOP members have is creating issues for 2014…if that is the case Democrats had better learn how to use social media.

Education is the topic of the day…in the Legislature…besides reviewing the Governor’s bill…someone should “dust off” the $750,000 audit…that proposed saving $90 million.

Heard on the street…Charlotte Lane a former GOP candidate for Attorney General…is lobbying for a seat on the State School Board.

Post Script —FOR ELKINS RESIDENTS (before March 5th forward this blog post to your voting friends in Elkins)

Don’t believe Mark Scott’s [candidate for Mayor] statement “I am transparent-there are no backroom deals with me”… in the February 25th Inter-Mountain news story.   I know first-hand that is not the case.    Last June he promised to support my candidacy for a state Republican Party post.  In August when the vote was held he nominated my opponent.  This may sound like “soar grapes” so be it…but voters need to know.

BTW I thought Elkins city election was non-partisan…friends have told me the State GOP is making calls urging Elkins Republicans to vote for Mark Scott…they should remember there are more Democrats than Republicans in Elkins…that could well back-fire.





Political Tidbits…1.6.13

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

POLITICAL TIDBITS as we ended the first week of 2013.

Another Republican…House GOP Leader Tim Armstead understands the importance of working with Democrats…he recently told the Register-Herald in Beckley…”We’ve already had discussions with Democratic members about working together.”

Rumblings are being heard from 2012 GOP losers…wanting to know why…they should ask their campaign managers.

Even before State Senator-elect Bill Cole takes office Republicans are talking about him taking on U. S. Rep. Nick Joe Rahall.

Alarm sounded…by Pam Van Horn to the members of her Democratic Legislative Council “In order to play, we’re going to have to change the way we do things…” she told AP’s Lawrence Messina.  The same could be said for Republicans on the national level.

Wonder who was behind all that out-of-state funds that helped the GOP gain 14 members of the Legislature…you guess.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…The Fix [Washington Post Column] named Sen. Joe Manchin as a Winner in the cliff fight…this is two positive national press hits for Manchin during the holiday period…other winners in the piece where Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, President Obama, Debt ceiling and Legislative jargon.

Think about this…the first strategic move in the 2016 presidential contest came during the post-midnight cliff vote in the Senate…FL Senator Marco Rubio and KY Senator Rand Paul voted no…2012 VP candidate Paul Ryan voted yes in the House.

Congresswoman Capito in demand as speaker for Republican events…GOP Legislative Committee fund raiser January 8th….State Party Lincoln Day Dinner February 11th…both in Charleston.

Chad Holland is leaving as Executive Director of State GOP on a high note.  He helped lead the State GOP to its most successful election since 1928. Though he and I were not always on the same wave length I respect his contribution over the last three years.  With every good wish Chad.

DO NOT MISS…a column by Dr. David Turner in The Inter-Mountainhere is a teaser…”After winning the midterm election elections of 1958, Lyndon Johnson and is paladin in the House, Sam Rayburn, bemoaned “too many Democrats”.”

Rumor has it there is a fight brewing about who will replace Senator Walt Helmick…when he resigns to become Commissioner of Agriculture…the question is should they come from the old 15th District or new 11th.

More Joe Manchin…he joined VP Joe Biden on the Capitol steps to greet GOP Senator Mark Kirk…who returned after a stroke and learning to walk over last year…Kirk’s goal was to walk up the Capitol steps…watching the news clip I could see a little of “Uncle Jimmie Manchin” and the kindness of Jennings Randolph in Sen. Joe Manchin…boy we could use more like Jennings Randolph & Bob or Harry Byrd in that place today.

BTW I also noted this week Sen. Joe Manchin & former GOP presidential candidate Gov. Jon Huntsman have teamed up to co-chair the anti-partisan group No Labels…wonder what Manchin is planning?

As expected the inauguration Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin will not be lavish…that fits his style.

Remembering Rev. Sherman Davidson who passed away this week…he was a fighter for Republicans as Chair of the Taylor County Committee.


Political Tidbits…12.4.12

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

BIG DAY…yesterday for Republicans as 11 new House of Delegates members was sworn in…not to be overlooked are the returning GOP House & Senate members or the growth of the GOP.

Don’t look for an extravaganza when Gov. Tomblin is sworn into office in January…it will be the third time.

Timely conference on Immigration and Growth underway today in Dallas…its part of the Bush Institute 4% Solution initiative.

My early AM post-election Aftermath piece looks like most read analysis over last month…Republicans must focus on Hispanics…confirmed by a recent walk thru a Florida mall…and a lot of other necessary game changes.

Lost count of the number in both parties wanting to represent the 2nd District in the US House…it will take upwards of $2 million to get there.

Controversy continues to grow in the State School Board mess as it looks like former Governors wives [Caperton & Manchin] may have leading roles in the drama…check out Gazette & Mail websites.

Hope state Republican leaders will spend as much time taking an inventory of candidates who almost made it in county and legislative races…as promoting a social agenda…December 7th Christmas party.

Allen Loughry [Supreme Court Justice-Elect] will join fellow Republican Brent Benjamin on the bench…swearing in planned 12/14.

The founder of the Underwood Intern program Shane Wilson appears to be the political go to guy for AG-Elect Morrisey…a large Transition Team and fund raiser was announced last week.

The W Circle an eGiving program makes it easy to support the work of the Bush Presidential Center…it is a monthly recurring gift to the Bush Center…members will receive a “W” Lapel Pin…more details by clicking here.

Political Tidbits…Day Before

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Taking a last look at the 2012 campaign reveals little…you hardly know there is a statewide election…expect by seeing the lines at early voting places…Governor Tomblin had to deal with a lady named Sandy…candidate Maloney put his last dollars into a newspaper ad aimed at state employees…other than the AG race and Agriculture…there is little statewide activity.

That is far from true as Republicans work to level the playing field in the House of Delegates…there are some strong candidates in unexpected placesfunding seems to have exceeded past efforts…for some reason GOP candidate recruitment  left seven Senate Democrats unopposed…not good as real change in government policy can come from the Legislature.

Controversy has entered the Agriculture Commissioners race…some way Walt Helmick’s PR firm headed by a lobbyist Tom Susman…sent unsolicited emails to the work accounts of state employees…wonder where those lists came from…rumors continue that former GOP Ag Commissioner candidate Mike Teets will go to work for Democrat Helmick…if he is successful…hard to believe knowing Teets.

WV asks where is Mitt Romney…he is working for WV coal in the battleground states… trying to round up 270 electoral votes…to change the leadership of EPA…we did our work in the primary to secure the nomination for Governor Romney…don’t forget he visited our state four times in his 2008 race.

Interesting GOP candidates Maloney and Morrisey teamed up with a direct mail piece…wonder how that made their colleagues seeking statewide positions feel…being left out.

Just got a briefing with the Romney campaign in Boston…the briefing focused on the battleground states…the message was one of outperforming Obama in key countiesearly voting and intensity…if last night’s unexpected rally in PA is any indication…and Obama sending Bill Clinton to four events in PA today…Governor Romney is going to be the 45th President.

Can you believe Republican JB McCuskey…who is running for the House in the 35th district…raised more money [over $100,000] for his legislative campaign…than any House or Senate candidate…he is someone to watch.

Gazette columnist Phil Kabler pointed out this morning…Shelley Moore Captio only ran one ad this election cycle…do you think she is saving her funds for a 2014 race against Sen. Rockefeller…noted Rockefeller and wife Sharon were featured in Gazette photo at the recent Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner.

With national polls indicating one presidential candidate could win the popular vote…and another  Electoral College…WV Legislative candidate Robin Holstein [36th District] says the Electoral College serves state well…in a Gazette Op Ed piece this morning…worth a read here.

For your calendar…WV’s Governor will be inaugurated on January 13th and the 2013 Presidential Inauguration will be January 21st….due to the 20th falling on a Sunday…by law the President takes office on January 20th…the Oath of Office will be held in a private ceremony.

Happy Birthday to CHU…Cecil Underwood would have been 90 today.

Political Tidbits…10.26.12

Friday, October 26th, 2012

A few Tidbits for your weekend…not that you have not had enough politics…let’s hope it is over in 11 days…but with the presidential race so tight

This makes me wonder…are Republicans concerned this could end up in the House of Representatives…this might explain the unusual push to defeat incumbent Democrat…Rep. Nick Joe Rahall.

A Washington friend believes…you can feel the fingernails of the Obama team screeching against their campaign blackboard.

WEATHER THREAT…meteorologist say WV could have heavy rain and even some early next week— VOTE EARLY and as the old saying goes…often.

Campaign activity is picking up…Republicans held a Freedom Dinner last night…and Democrats are holding their delayed Jefferson Jackson affair on Saturday…with former presidential candidate Dick Gephardt leading the pre-election cheers.

Last night…Democrats had major events in Berkeley, Fayette and Marion counties…more GOTV rallies set  for Cabell, Logan early Saturday…the rallying cry is EARLY VOTING.

Mitt Romney’s longtime friend Dan McBride…tonight headlines a “My Friend Mitt” dinner being organized by Wayne County Republicans…with Dallas Thacker & Joey Robinett  pushing the event in his role as a State GOP Committee members.

Two hard working legislative candidates I have been watching in districts 35 & 36 are JB McCuskey and Robin Holstein…they were among the few who showed up at a Thomas Hospital event…more no shows than candidates…the no show incumbents in these districts may get a lesson from these two.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell…was here yesterday to raise funds for John Raese…a $2,500 energy roundtable was held at the Greer Mansion…in Morgantown…McConnell joined National Republican Chairman Reince Priebus at the Freedom Dinner.

Past meets the future in political communications…Twitter and Facebook are playing a role…and it is expected to grow…an interesting piece from The State Journal sheds light on both.

An experienced political observer emailed…Obama will do a little bit better in WV than most people think…it appears most Republican candidates are tying their campaign [and hopes] to voters  picking them…because their opponent supports [or may] Obama for re-election.

A memo from GOP Chair Conrad Lucas says…his party has a 3 to 1 cash advantage over the WV Democratic Party.

What’s going on in the Governor’s race…too quiet.

Candidates are beginning to tout endorsements…emails and news releases are coming to PHILLIPSBILLBOARD…if you’re interested the WV Press Association has done a great job…compiling newspaper endorsements to date…here is a list.

Economic growth is what the national election is all about…there is a great book The 4% Solution:  Unleashing the Economic Growth American Needs from The George W. Bush Institute…packed with contributions from Nobel laureates…economists…business leaders and public intellectuals…get your copy @ an online bookstore.

In my Fatigue piece…it was pointed out only the AG race appeared to have any energy…boy has that changed…candidate emails & news clips show a heated race developing [at last minute] between Treasurer Perdue and Mike Hall the GOP challenger…this could be the sleeper race for Republicans.

Note that Greg Thomas is tweeting again…account must have been renewed.

CBS This Morning [yesterday]…had an interview that showed the personal side of Mitt Romney…this is one I must share…so click now [disclaimer – I serve as WV Romney Chair]


Political Tidbits…10.12.12

Friday, October 12th, 2012

TAKE AWAYS from last night’s VP debate…Biden has been watching too many Gore re-runs from 2000 debate…and they should never have put Red Bull in his holding room…both bases won…Obama is going to Williamsburg for three days…debate prep or American history lesson?

Consumer protection and getting personal has over taken the AG race…today’s Charleston Gazette story paints a picture of quarreling during editorial board…read the story.

GOP candidate Bill Maloney is organizing a Town Hall… 6PM Monday at Charleston Civic Center [big place]…maybe the attendance count will tell us where the Governor’s race stands.

Twitter is about to take over the political world…you should have read it last night…don’t have an accountget one…or miss out on a lot of interesting views…plus it’s fun.

New technology makes it easier to be a campaign volunteer…you can make GOTV calls right from home…try the Romney Call From Home program…just click above to start.

A new Mike Stuart…gave a “fair and balanced” view of the Tomblin/Maloney debate on Talkline…the morning after…maybe planning a political comeback…some of us miss him.

Democrat Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin was covered by political writer Joselyn King in The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register yesterday.

Romney surrogates are on the move in WV…Fred Dailey took the lead at a Parkersburg Tea Party outdoor event…Charlotte Lane [just back from DC where she was an International Trade Commissioner] hit the road for Fayette GOP dinner…Delegate Bob Ashley will eat OX as the Fairgrounds in Cottageville Oct. 20…Bill Phillips made the trip over the mountain to a Pendleton County dinner.

On a personal note…great to see Robin Holstein and JB McCuskey endorsed this AM by Charleston Daily Mail…important point made about Holstein…she would be first delegate in “eons” to live in upper Kanawha Valley…they got it right about McCuskey saying he is a change agent…both of these personal favorites will bring fresh ideas to the job…want new blood in the Legislature…send them a contribution.

WV Department of Ed launched an anti-bullying campaign yesterday…wonder if VP Joe Biden should enroll in the program.

SOS race has come down to solving problems…read about it in The Charleston Daily Mail.

West Virginians wanting to attend an official Romney event in the battleground states on our border should get the Mitt Events app…download the it here free

Watch your newspapers next week…the WV Press Association says it will be endorsement week.