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First District Will Be National Battleground

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Republicans in the First Congressional District were no doubt working behind the scenes and hoping for a victory by Congressman Alan Mollohan.  The conventional thinking was this would be a pick-up seat as national Republicans work to win the House of Representatives in November.

It did not work out that way for Republicans or Congressman Mollohan.

Political thinking now is that by losing incumbents in the primary may not mean losing seats by either party in November.  I doubt Republican David McKinley, a strong contender feels  that way.  Likewise, that Senator Mike Oliverio will take the race for granted.

An interesting Congressional Memo written by NYT reporter Carl Hulse ran in today’s Times.  It uses the Mollohan and Oliverio race as one of its examples to address the theory that parties may hang on to seats despite the resentment against Washington and incumbents.

The defeat of 14-term Congressman Mollohan as the first incumbent in 2010 has received so much national attention.  Don’t think for a New York minute this race will not be a national battleground between the two parties in November.

First Congressional District Effort Costly

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Voters in the West Virginia’s first congressional district are finding out why it has been so long since Rep. Alan B. Mollohan has had an opponent.  It is a costly thing seeking office….not only in reducing your personal assets but in reputation. This is particularly true with Republicans in the fight to win the opportunity to compete in November.  You may be interested how Congressional Quarterly reports on this race.