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Maloney To Announce

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Maloney To Announce

PHILLIPSBILLBOARD has learned Bill Maloney former GOP gubernatorial candidate will make an announcement Tuesday regarding his political plans to file an exploratory committee.  It is rumored Maloney will run again if he can raise in the neighborhood of $2 million before the January 29th filing deadline for the 2012 election. 

Sources said Senator Clark Barnes, an opponent of Maloney’s in the May primary for Governor, told a weekend meeting of GOP leaders he had spoken with Maloney who would have “a big announcement” on Tuesday. 

It has been confirmed Maloney is making calls to former opponents to discuss his concept to seek the Republican nomination.  Likewise, that he does not want to spend his personal funds in a second run for Governor.  Maloney spent $2.45 million of his personal wealth on the 2011 campaign.

Perdue & the FBI

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Employees Homes Visited

The Charleston Gazette reports this morning the FBI is questioning WV Treasurer John Perdue’s employees about campaign contributions.  Below you will find copies of the finance reports Perdue filed with the Secretary of State in his primary campaign for Governor earlier this year.  Read the full Gazette story here.

First Primary       April 1, 2011               7:04 PM

Pre-Primary         May 3, 2011               4:15 PM

Post-Primary       June 28, 2011             3:22 PM

First-General       August 26, 2011          3:56 PM

First-General       August 26, 2011          3:57 PM

Pre-General         September 23, 2011    2:37 PM

What Started It All

Last month The Charleston Gazette reported federal prosecutors were investigating a land deal between state Treasurer John Perdue and a Charleston developer Douglas E. Pauley.  Read the full story here.

Records detail Housing Fund officials’ efforts

Gazette reporter Eric Eye details the steps taken by housing fund Administrators to ensure project on Purdue land was funded.  Read the full story here.

Governor’s Finance Reports

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The money has been collected, borrowed and spent.  The 2011 Special Election candidates for Governor filed their reports this afternoon.  Below you can click and see where the money came from and where it went.

Bill Maloney 

Earl Ray Tomblin

The Morning After

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The special election for Governor is in the history books.

Let’s be clear this was not a victory for President Obama or Obamacare.  “Stay the course” was the winner.

As we look back Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin chose the right course when he became acting Governor.  The Manchin policies and approach to government had the stage set.  Turning government in a new direction takes time – and the time was short.

When it all started no one expected such a close race.  What happen?

First, the Tomblin political apparatus had to be put in place.  After the primary victory it appeared the campaign went on auto pilot.  Campaigns must be 24/7.   Secondly, the campaign did not take seriously the impact Obama’s health care reform would have as the election came to a close.

You cannot take anything away from the effort Bill Maloney put into his campaign.  He just ran the wrong campaign.  The Gazette’s columnist Phil Kabler put his finger on it Sunday.  He pointed out Maloney should have run a Caperton style campaign.  No one with political experience will disagree that negative plays an important role in winning.  However, negative in moderation should have been the Maloney course. 

Thinking about the future.  Governor Tomblin needs to put his stamp on his administration.  He needs to recruit new thinkers, develop new policy ideas and embrace a new vision for the State.  Times are changing.  When President George H. W. Bush took the reins of government he did not make significant changes in those managing government on a daily basis. Fresh managers are important.   Governor Tomblin should not make this mistake.

If Bill Maloney is thinking about a new career in politics he needs to change course.  He must throw out the negative, create a new positive image and develop a program to advance the State.  He needs to take a page from the campaign planning Karl Rove did for the Governor George W. Bush.  Maloney needs to bring knowledgeable policy types to his “front porch” and be tutored.   From a political perspective the trends from the Manchin/Raese race and the one just over need careful study.

It is only 96 days until filing starts the next campaign.  From my point of view it started last night.

Finance Reports Here…Election Underway

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Candidates for governor have filed their last finance report until after the special election.  Early voting started this week.  The reports filed today cover expenditures from August 22 until September 18.  To see where Republican Bill Maloney has gotten his money and where it was spent click this link.  The details of Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin’s funds may be read by clicking this link.

This does not tell the full story as outside political organizations have poured money into the campaigns and it is not over yet.

Governor’s Race Starts

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Well it finally started.  The results are in from a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) in North Carolina. The Governor’s race will be getting more attention, more activity and more enthusiasm to activate the party faithful.  What the candidates need is for the voters to take an interest.  The results of this poll say they should turn on their GOTV (Get Out To Vote) machine.  PPP shows Tomblin with 46% and Maloney at 40% and 14% undecided.  Maloney is turning the race at about the same point he did in the Republican primary.

Read the analysis here.  More details.

Post Primary Gubernatorial Financial Reports

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The post-primary financial reports of the candidates for Governor are filed.  However, interest remains in what the candidates did with their money in the final days.  Just reading the news accounts it appears the flow of campaign spending out of the state continued.  What is wrong with homegrown talent?   Proof is in the pudding – so they say.  Here are the details. 


Jeffrey V. Kessler

Arne Moltis

John D. Perdue

Natalie F. Tennant

Rick Thompson

Earl Ray Tomblin


Clark Barnes

Mitch B. Carmichael

Ralph William Clark

Cliff Ellis

Larry V. Faircloth

Betty Ireland

Bill Maloney

Mark A. Sorsaia 

New Poll on Governor’s Race

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The polls closed just over 72 hours ago on the special primary election to select the nominees to be the next West Virginia Governor.

Public Policy Polling based in North Carolina has already polled to see where the Governor’s race stands today. 

The results of this survey may be viewed by clicking here.

Updated Breaking Poll Tomblin Strong Lead

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Released minutes ago is an independent look at the special primary election slated for Saturday.  The poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling based in North Carolina.  The firm has been polling the race to nominate who will be candidates seeking to become West Virginia’s next Governor.

The results of this survey may be views by clicking here.

Late Breaking Poll

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Released minutes ago is an independent look at the special primary election slated for Saturday.  The poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling based in North Carolina.  The firm has been polling the race to nominate who will be candidates seeking to  become West Virginia’s next Governor.

The results of this survey may be views by clicking here.