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Community Development

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Community development is a growing need throughout the Mountain State.  Towns are looking for ways revitalize, fill empty property and create jobs.  For some time I thought one way our political leaders and decision makers could assist was by moving appropriate agencies of state government out of Charleston. 

This is not a popular subject in the state capitol.  There have been court cases to slow down or stop government entities from making the move.  Most likely the state’s constitution will need to be changed.  Whatever it takes the campaign should start.

The subject is not new as Senator Edwin Bowman (D-Hancock) took up the subject in 1997.  I am sure others have thought about it – and the heavy lifting involved. 

Delegate Bill Hartman (D-Randolph) after forming the House Rural Caucus called for lunch.  He was aware I had been the point person for rural development in the Federal government.  We discussed ideas how government could be of greater assistance to our small rural communities in West Virginia. 

Doing my reading today I found an article making the case to scatter the federal government beyond the Beltway.  This did not appear in a mid-western newspaper but in Washington, DC.  In fact, West Virginia is used as an example in the case to break up the federal government.

With all the public and private money now going to expand broadband in our State, making communications even easier, now may be the time to launch an effort to make whatever changes are required to permit government leaders and policymakers to aid those small communities and towns fighting so hard to survive in West Virginia.