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Capito Hurt?

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

There has been a political development on the national stage that could impact Rep. Shelley Moore Capito’s announced plans to seek the U. S. Senate in 2014.  Only time will tell.

Today U. S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) well known for his recent efforts to recruit the most “right-wing” candidate possible for various Senate races was named to head the Heritage Foundation,  a conservative think tank based in Washington.  Some of the DeMint recruited candidates lost later to a Democrat.

The impact of this change could cut two ways as related to Capito.  First, he may not be so active in recruiting Senate candidates and spend more time on conservative policy, or he could even be in a stronger position to influence the selection of the “right candidate” in Senate races.

When Captio announced Senator DeMint was one of the first that panned her entrance into the race.  He told POLITICO “She would not be the conservative’s pick there.”  He was joined by conservative organizations like the Club for Growth in criticizing Captio as a potential nominee.

Will see!

Governor’s Primary

Monday, February 14th, 2011

The “Anything Can Happen Primary” is now underway.  Just to get us here the Governor went to the U. S. Senate, an Acting Governor took office, and the Supreme Count mandated an election, the Legislature rightly disregarded party conventions and put a primary election in its place. 

The field is full of politicians known and unknown and other who want to be.  Some have money, others have taxpayers’ money and some are just “rolling the dice”. 

First let’s look at the Democrat race.

Even before West Virginians knew if, when or how they would get a new Governor a two candidate race was apparent among Democrats.  Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin knew if Governor Manchin went to the U. S. Senate the state Constitution would make him Governor.  And the aggressive Secretary of State Natalie Tennant would never pass up a chance to be Governor without having to give up her office to run. 

This two person race was confirmed before Tomblin became Governor.  A survey conducted in November by West Virginia’s leading pollster Mark Blankenship found 24% of Democratic voters for Tomblin with Tennant close behind at 19%.  Other potential Democrat candidates were in single digit.  Undecided was 25%.

Nothing changed when a North Carolina firm, Public Policy Polling released a January survey.  There was no match up of Tomblin and Tennant but Democrats surveyed approved by 53% the job Tomblin is doing as Governor and 52% had a favorable opinion of Tennant.  

The single digit candidates must work strategically and hard to turn around the primary race.  State Treasurer John Perdue has smartly decided to run against escalating electricity, gas and water bills.  He has placed government paid staff across the state, offices in various places and has been in the grassroots of the Democrat party for years. 

House Speaker Thompson has raised funds, attended events across the state and has a readymade field team, the Democrat members of the Legislature.  Each of them could turn on their “turnout” machine for “the boss”.  They all realize he controls the process that will redraw legislative district lines and every member wants a favorable district in which to run in 2012.

Northern West Virginia Senator Jeffrey Kessler (D-Marshall) would have been better positioned had he not messed up the Tomblin Senate.  He has been running for nearly two years and seemed to be a new voice.  He got power hungry and lead a revolt to change senate rules to make himself “Acting Senate President” when Tomblin was directed by the Constitution to become Governor. 

Kessler will have trouble turning around southern WV.  Tomblin comes from there and Kessler threw out Senator Truman Chafin (D-Mingo) as Senate Majority Leader.  Another serious geographical problem for Kessler is the heavily Democrat counties who have elected Senator Walt Helmick (D-Pocahontas) for years.  “Acting Senate President” Kessler ordered Helmick removed as Chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee.  His turnaround will be difficult and expensive.

An unknown Democrat from Kanawha County, Arne Moltis has entered the race. 

The Republicans have more candidates but most are unknown.  Maybe one of the unknown will become the next Governor.  The party has depended upon the same names for years Moore, Underwood, Capito and Raese.   

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, a sure winner to be the next Governor declared she would not run.

The first to enter was former Secretary of State Betty Ireland.  

Ireland from her previous service has some name ID but the Public Policy Polling survey found 50% of Republicans were not sure of her.  Only 38% of GOP voters had a favorable opinion.  She hired a team of consultants from outside the state which would give the appearance of a well funded and nationally connected campaign.

Others must have sensed she is not in a favorable position in the party and the race grew with seven others filing by last Saturday. 

Mark Sorsaia, prosecuting attorney from Putnam County could be the sleeper in the primary.  He began exploring the race more than a year ago, travelled to Lincoln Day Dinners and did an extensive mailing at the holiday season.  He knows how to get elected having won four races in Putnam.  He must introduce himself quickly to Republican voters across the state but will run well in his home county and Cabell.  Ireland will lose votes to Sorsaia in Kanawha if he picks up the pace. 

Delegate Mitch B. Carmichael (R-Jackson) enters late which does not help his chances – if this is what he is after.  He has served ten years in the House of Delegates and should have the help of his GOP colleagues.  Carmichael may be working on name ID for 2012 or this might be his way to gaining support to lead House Republicans in the future.

Senator Clark Barnes (R-Randolph) was beginning to look like the Republican winner with all the names being mentioned from the Kanawha Valley as candidates.  He would have had eastern and central WV all to himself.  At the last minute most decided to stay out and former House member Larry Faircloth of Martinsburg filed.  Faircloth ran statewide for Governor in 2004. 

Three little known Monongalia residents came from nowhere Cliff Ellis, Ralph William Clark and Bill Maloney.  These candidates impact Barnes who must have hoped to carry central WV.  More needs to be known about these three candidates to factor them into any analysis.

The “Anything Can Happen Primary” will be won on strategy, turnout, ideas and money.

Strategy To Fight EPA’s Expanding Regulatory Reach

Friday, January 28th, 2011

President Obama and his administration on the very day he took office – January 20, 2009 – started its attack on West Virginia.  Every West Virginian knows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been trying to shut down our state. 

 Senator Rockefeller and Congresswoman Capito have been determined leaders in the effort to halt EPA’s campaign against our coal industry.  They are now joined by Senator Manchin and newly elected Congressman David McKinley.  Congressman Rahall has an important role to play.

Help may be on the way as reported in The DailyCaller.  Top Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce and the Senate Environment and Public Works committees are meeting to craft a strategy to fight EPA.

The article in The DailyCaller provides a good look at various approaches.

Capito/Tomblin Front Runners for Governor

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Public Policy Polling released a survey late this afternoon that indicates Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito as the front runner for Governor.  She is not expected to enter the contest.   Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin captures the front runner status with Capito out of the race.  The results provide an updated insight to where such a race would stand today.  To learn more click on the above link.

Capito’s Plans

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

POLITICO carried a statement regarding the plans of Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito.  It makes interesting reading and speculation.

Capito’s Real News

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

U. S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito told Hoppy Kercheaval on MetroNews Talkline she will forgo a race for the U. S. Senate to replace the late Senator Byrd.  In the last few days the signs pointed to this decision. 

However, the real news during the interview was when Capito said “the U. S. Senate is a place I would like to be someday.” 

Byrd’s term, had he lived, would have come up in 2012. 

 If you get a chance listen to her interview it was outstanding.   Capito was sincere, honest and thoughtful.  This is the example she has set representing West Virginia’s second congressional district and how she would conduct herself as a United States Senator.

Republicans Are Ready for Capito

Monday, July 19th, 2010

WV Republicans in the Legislature have scored a victory for Rep. Shelley Moore Capito.  The new law provides an opportunity for Capito to run for the Senate seat and for re-election to her House seat if she wants.

Now we know the real hold up in passing the legislation Governor Manchin proposed.

National Review reported Friday Rep. Capito was spending the weekend working on plans for a run if the opportunity presented itself.  The opportunity is here.  She has until Friday to announce her intentions.  Republican sources said today Capito is on the edge of making the race.

It has always been thought there was a close relationship between the Manchin and Moore families.  Capito’s father former Governor Moore represented West Virginia’s first congressional district for years in which the Manchin family resided.  It has been said there would never be a race between Moore Capito and a Manchin. 

That idea was put aside last week when Capito said “that is a myth.”

Should this race materialize it will make political history.  Capito has been a strong voice for West Virginia in Congress and Governor Manchin has brought positive attention to the State.

It appears GOP candidates have a real opportunity in both the First and Third congressional districts.  Electing Capito to the U. S. Senate and two Republicans to the U. S. House of Representatives would be real West Virginia political history. 

Manchin says he will announce his intentions Tuesday morning at 10 AM.

Republicans are on the edge of their seats waiting for word from Capito.

Shelley’s Weekend Plans

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito spoke with National Review about her plans for the weekend.  She appears to be taking a serious look at becoming a candidate for the U. S. Senate.  The interview will give phillipsbillboard readers a look at how she is approaching this serious decision.

Manchin Capito Matchup In Senate Race

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Rasmussen Reports conducted a telephone survey of Likely Voters in West Virginia Thursday night.  Governor Manchin is matched with two potential Republican opponents.

Click the link above for the results.

Capito Leads the Way

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

West Virginia’s lone Republican in Congress, Shelley Moore Capito, held a sit down meeting with Lisa Jackson Administrator of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). 

Sometime ago Capito requested the “face to face” meeting to express concern about the impact delayed coal mining permits are having on West Virginia jobs, local economies and the future.

In a Washington controlled by Democrats such a meeting exhibits the influence Capito has developed.  It’s hard to believe the Democrats in the West Virginia delegation were not in Jackson’s office months ago.

Let me be clear the other Members of Congress from our State are working on this issue but in varying degrees.  Maybe the delegation should look for a legislative solution. 

Coal miners and coal dependent communities may want Capito as their representative in Congress when redistricting starts after the 2010 census.  One thing for certain our State needs to keep her in Washington.

While writing about our delegation in Congress I was pleased to see in Saturday’s Gazette-Mail Steve Roberts who leads the WV Chamber of Commerce reads phillipsbillboard.   He is promoting an idea I urged in September, that our delegation should play hardball by telling the Obama folks they have no plans to further support healthcare reform – until EPA stops the war on West Virginia.