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60 Years Ago & Today

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Is there a similarity in today’s search for a Republican Presidential candidate and that of sixty years ago?

The contest of 1952 saw conservatives generally supporting Senator Robert Taft of Ohio – son of former President William Howard Taft while moderates were getting behind General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Party was unsure of Gen. Eisenhower and was not certain he was one of them – but appeared more electable.  Sound familiar?

New Hampshire voters went with Eisenhower 47,000 to 37,000 for Taft – even while Ike remained in Europe.

 The Party and Taft came to terms with Eisenhower when he selected Richard M. Nixon as his running mate.  There may be a lesson here!

Despite a nomination contest twelve years later that was even more bitter between Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller – than between today’s Presidential contenders – the Republican Party never totally lost its way.

Richard Nixon in 1959 warned against either of the parties undergoing an ideological realignment – that has now taken place over the years.

He told the California Commonwealth Club, “I think it would be a great tragedy if we had our two major political parties divide on what we would call a conservative-liberal line.  I think one of the attributes of our political system has been that we have avoided generally violent swings in Administrations from one extreme to the other.  And the reason we have avoided that is that in both parties there has been room for a broad spectrum of opinion.  Therefore, when your Administrations come to power, they will represent the whole people rather than just one segment of the people.”

Despite the divide between today’s GOP Presidential contenders they should think about the sage advice of Nixon.


Republicans, Advice From Across the Pond

Friday, March 4th, 2011

The World Needs a Strong GOP

Mr. David Davis, a Conservative, is a member of the British Parliament.  His Wall Street Jounal opinion piece is worth a read and thought.

Confirmed: It’s Time to Go Michael

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Last March said “It’s Time to Go Michael.”  As each day passes it is even clearer this guy has to leave.  The election of 2012 is at our doorstep.  His own staff is revealing why he must depart.  More important than Michael Steele departing is the role Republican National Committee will play in removing Obama from The White House.  The NYT has the story today about the last staffer who outlines a case against Steele.  Read the five page letter in the New York Times link.