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Manchin Numbers

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Governor Joe Manchin has been an outstanding Governor.   This clearly explains the impressive numbers in the survey of West Virginia voters by Mark Blankenship Enterprises.  Manchin’s overall approval rating was 78 percent.

Unless Manchin is planning in 2012 to seek a U. S. Senate seat or run for the House of Representatives these numbers serve little political purpose. 

Of course, he can use them to press his agenda in the Legislature.  It is there that his numbers really count at this point.

West Virginia Voter Surveys

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Our readers have asked if I could get a copy of the recent voter opinion surveys conducted by Mark Blankenship Enterprises (MBE).  I gather not all the media have reported on the findings. 

The first survey addresses political favorability ratings and economic issues.  Government spending and global warming issues survey reflects West Virginians believe the federal government is spending too much money.  Finally, health care reform and Mountaintop Mining is the subject of the third survey.

You may view each of these surveys by clicking on the links below or visit

Political Favorability Ratings and Economic Issues

Government Spending and Global Warming Issues

Health Care Reform and Mountaintop Mining