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Governor’s Race?

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Robins have returned…the birds are singing…where are the 14 gubernatorial  candidates…likely scrambling for funds…but this race will not be won on TV…unless the campaign gets negative…likely for Democrats…unlikely for Republicans…the smart candidates are quietly working in the field.

There are more fireworks between the chairs of both parties than in the Governor’s race…GOP Chair Mike Stuart attack Democrat lawmakers…Dem Chair Larry Puccio shot back…will be fun to watch…Stuart with little political experience and Puccio a pro.

Americans are clamoring for a national debate on the federal budget…it is underway… a survey revealed most Americans understand little about the federal budget…it is depressing…check it out.

New leadership for the WV Democratic Legislative Council…Nick Casey will be General Chairman…House Speaker Thompson & Acting Senate President Kessler…must be taking steps to gear up early for the 2012 legislative races…Casey knows his stuff.

Candidates Betty Ireland [Republican] and John Perdue [Democrat] appear the most active…Ireland is the first name that comes up in random conversations with Republicans…and Perdue is putting up yard signs…even in snow covered Randolph County…the two were in a dead heat when Public Policy Polling released finding in January.

NO TAKERS in Republican presidential race…Gingrich was at the altar but only announced a web site…Huckabee made news talking about Obama’s background…. but is planning an Alaska cruise in June…Palin is going to India…Mitt Romney is in New Hampshire.

Caught by surprise…a straw poll that it appears no one knew about…and it was a Charleston Democratic Executive Committee fundraiser…State Treasurer Perdue won…the value of this small victory was one story…the downside for Perdue…the other candidates have been put on notice.

A pass along…the text of Governor Romney Lincoln Day address in Carroll County, New Hampshire.

UNDERWOOD interns are preparing for another summer…information from Shane Wilson @304.539.0694.

Valerie Phillips from a Texas-based political consulting firm…named to run Betty Ireland’s campaign…little heard from by the other GOP candidates…Bill Maloney has sent a couple news releases…Clark Barnes is competing with Democrat John Perdue for the most yard signs in Randolph County.

Will the 2011 Legislative session end as planned…one week after March 12th has been set aside for the budget…may be the two leaders…Thompson & Kessler will decide to postpone important decisions…until after the May primary…come back and do the budget…who would this help the most…their campaigns for Governor!

THE CALL WAS ANSWERED…the Legislature took no further action to award WV’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate…who wins the national popular vote…the proposal would have nearly ended WV’s influence in these elections.

Palin In WV

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

West Virginia Facebook followers of former Governor Sarah Palin woke up this morning to learn she will be visiting our State.  The Fix a Washington Post political column reports she has targeted 20 congressional seats held by Democrats as we moved into the 2010 mid-term election.

“Me and Mrs. Palin”

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

My hobby is following the national political news.  This weekend I saw where Vanity Fair will hit the newsstands nationwide on September 8th with an article “Me and Mrs. Palin”.   No doubt Levi Johnston – father of Bristol’s baby – has earned real money for this one. 

Reading the preview that appears on the Vanity Fair web site  thought I was looking at The National Inquirer standing the grocery store line.

I was not alone in my disbelief at what I read.  Today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a column “The revenge of Levi” written by a New York Times syndicated columnist.

Majority of Republicans don’t think Palin’s qualified for President

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Political observers across the country have been wondering what impact Governor Palin’s unexpected resignation would have on Republicans if she decided to make a bid for the Republican nomination in 2012.

I came across this piece on the CNN Political Ticker this morning.  The answer may lie in a CBS News survey released Monday.  It says only 33 percent of Republicans questioned believe Palin has the “ability to serve effectively as president”. 

Wonder how West Virginia Republicans feel?  Use the comment button below to speak out.

What’s Going On, Sarah Palin?

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

A brilliant media strategy was executed by Governor Palin on Friday.  She used one of the slowest news days other than Christmas to inform the political world she is changing course.  Time will reveal if her political strategy (if there is one) was as smart.

When my Blackberry brought the news I had several reactions.  Even with inquires, legal bills, decreasing poll numbers at home I could not think she would allow herself to be labeled a quitter.  Did her family drive the decision?  What role did the Vanity Fair piece play?  Was it the opportunity to earned huge amounts of money while still a star?

All who follow politics closely will recall former Vice President, Richard M. Nixon, declaring in 1962, after losing a governor’s race in California, that he was done with politics.  But, Palin had not lost.  Why quit?

Even after the passage of three days and thousands of words, written and spoken, we are still in the dark.

What’s her political strategy?  Why not seek re-election?  Certainly she could have overcome the various issues being raised in Alaska, put to rest the question of her ability to govern and increased her stature.  This would be a plus if a national campaign is on her agenda.

Now she does not have any accomplishments to use in a run for the presidency.  Certainly, Governor Palin does not think her 2008 candidacy for Vice President is the end.

I for one hope she has a political strategy.