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Strategy To Fight EPA’s Expanding Regulatory Reach

Friday, January 28th, 2011

President Obama and his administration on the very day he took office – January 20, 2009 – started its attack on West Virginia.  Every West Virginian knows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been trying to shut down our state. 

 Senator Rockefeller and Congresswoman Capito have been determined leaders in the effort to halt EPA’s campaign against our coal industry.  They are now joined by Senator Manchin and newly elected Congressman David McKinley.  Congressman Rahall has an important role to play.

Help may be on the way as reported in The DailyCaller.  Top Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce and the Senate Environment and Public Works committees are meeting to craft a strategy to fight EPA.

The article in The DailyCaller provides a good look at various approaches.

Capito Leads the Way

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

West Virginia’s lone Republican in Congress, Shelley Moore Capito, held a sit down meeting with Lisa Jackson Administrator of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). 

Sometime ago Capito requested the “face to face” meeting to express concern about the impact delayed coal mining permits are having on West Virginia jobs, local economies and the future.

In a Washington controlled by Democrats such a meeting exhibits the influence Capito has developed.  It’s hard to believe the Democrats in the West Virginia delegation were not in Jackson’s office months ago.

Let me be clear the other Members of Congress from our State are working on this issue but in varying degrees.  Maybe the delegation should look for a legislative solution. 

Coal miners and coal dependent communities may want Capito as their representative in Congress when redistricting starts after the 2010 census.  One thing for certain our State needs to keep her in Washington.

While writing about our delegation in Congress I was pleased to see in Saturday’s Gazette-Mail Steve Roberts who leads the WV Chamber of Commerce reads phillipsbillboard.   He is promoting an idea I urged in September, that our delegation should play hardball by telling the Obama folks they have no plans to further support healthcare reform – until EPA stops the war on West Virginia.

Manchin Declares War on EPA

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Governor Manchin is preparing to lead a battle against the Obama Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after its decision to review 23 pending coal-mine permits.  He spoke with MetroNews Talkline from Berlin, Germany.

Joining in the war Obama has declared on the economy of West Virginia is Congresswoman Capito.  She expressed her concerns about the economic impact the EPA decision will have on the Appalachian region.

In a related attack on West Virginia is a new Senate climate bill (Cap and Trade) being pushed by President Obama in Congress.  Senators Byrd & Rockefeller are concerned about this legislation today in The Charleston Gazette.

Other soldiers in the WV congressional delegation joining Representative Capito in voting against the American Clean Energy & Security Act (Cap and Trade) in June were Representatives Mollohan & Rahall.

On the front lines already has been the Friends of Coal and a new organization FACES of Coal fighting to protect the economy of West Virginia communities.

Let’s hope Representatives Mollohan & Rahall soon take up arms against the Obama administration as it attempts to shut down the mining industry. 

The votes of our West Virginia delegation are important to the success of the Obama plan to restructure healthcare.  President Obama should think about that when he decides to attack our coal miners, their communities and our economy.

Obama Takes Two Hits at West Virginia in Five Days

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Last Friday world leaders in Pittsburgh for the Group of 20 summit agreed to phase out fossil fuel subsides.  The Obama administration championed the wording of the statement according to The Washington Post.

The wording of the statement was a signal from the world’s most influential nations they are taking an initial step away from the fossil fuels that power their economies.

Five days later the Obama led Environmental Protection Agency has delayed  79 pending coal-mine permits for more detailed reviews by the EPA water quality staff and the Army Corps of Engineers.  Twenty-three of these are in West Virginia.

Add this to the push Obama is making to have Congress pass Cap and Trade legislation that will impact the coal mining industry.

It appears President Obama’s team has declared war on the West Virginia economy.

West Virginia Strike Back

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

West Virginia needs to strike back at the Obama administration.  The anti-coal mining decision to withhold approval of 79 coal mining permits needs to be answered.

There is a new organization growing in Appalachia that provides such an opportunity.  It supports coal mining and our local economies.

Visit the website of FACES of Coal (Federation for American Coal, Energy and Security) and join the movement.

Obama Strikes Out At West Virginia

Friday, September 11th, 2009

President Obama is getting even with West Virginia that rejected him in the 2008 primary and general election.

 The Obama run Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made a vindictive decision today which will withhold approval of 79 coal mining permits.  The President is shutting down jobs when the unemployment rate is nearing 10% in the country.   Is this to show West Virginia who is the boss?

Our delegation in Congress should show him who’s in charge here.  Senators Byrd and Rockefeller and members of the House of Representatives Mollohan, Rahall and Capito should withhold their vote on his pet healthcare reform legislation.  The President needs to understand they too can play hardball.

Speaking of healthcare reform I assume President Obama does not care about the additional cost to the Medicaid program when West Virginia coal miners can no longer have healthcare insurance.  The lost of jobs in the mining industry is the tip of the iceberg.  He has the entire West Virginia economy under attack.

It would be my further suggestion that our WV delegation should organize all Members of Congress from coal producing states to follow their lead.

Those other states who did not vote for Obama had better be on the look out.  He likely has plans to come after them.