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Political News 3.21.11

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Palin: I could have brought change in ‘08

By Jordan Fabian (The Hill)

Republicans would have been more successful in the 2008 presidential elections if she was at the top of the ticket, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin suggested Saturday.  Read the full story here.

Party angry over racetrack measure

By Jared Hunt (Daily Mail Capitol Reporter)

Charleston, W. Va. – State Republicans are angry over a bill designed to help the state’s racetracks fight off out of state competition.  Read the full story here.

Some states consider cutting 2012 primaries to save money

By Mary Wisniewski & James B. Kelleher (Reuters)

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Skimpy budgets are cutting into the way states pay for schools, healthcare, and now – even primary elections.

At least six states are considering either canceling or delaying their 2012 presidential primaries, mostly to save money.  Read the full story here.

Many GOP candidates lacking endorsements

By Ry Rivard (Daily Mail Capitol Reporter)

Charleston, W. Va. – As some Democratic candidates for governor seek to distinguish themselves by racking up endorsements, several Republican candidates so far report they haven’t been seeing much interest in them from the special interest.  Read the full story here.