Candidates Must Be More Specific

A point well made by The Inter-Mountain (Elkins) in an editorial.

This is a most important and strange political season in the Mountain State.  Campaigns normally expand over a period of year – and more often than not much longer. 

Thus, there is adequate time for citizens to get a feel how candidates are likely to vote in Congress or the Legislature.  In 28 days the special primary will be over and then in 65 days we will have a new United States Senator.

West Virginians are keenly aware that incumbent Members of Congress are returned.  The victor on November 2nd is to serve two years – the likely hood is they will stay in the Senate for as long as desired.

People are not buying slogans this time around.  If I were counseling a candidate it would be state your exact position.  Time is too limited to do otherwise.  That along with the short campaign is the reason “Candidates Must Be More Specific.”


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