Political Tidbits…..

MORNING AFTER…..Republicans need to fine tune the approach to special elections….the win by Democrats in PA 12 is the sixth straight GOP loss going back to 08.  Sorry Tad…..build on the great experience you had in PA12.  WV 1 may become a national battleground with the open congressional seat…..which candidate will learn the most by studying the Critz/Burns approach? 

WV 2010 primary was not kind to labor…..teacher unions may have suffered but still strong in the Legislature…..at least in the House. After November the way things look this morning there may be no middle left in either party.  Legislative standoff in Governor Manchin’s special session for education reform may have re-opened the 2012 Democrat primary for Governor…..Tomblin’s Senate has passed the education bills…..only to see Thompson’s House change or ignore them……standoff or politics? 

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign promoting healthy children sounds like a good idea….like maybe back to Chicago. 

Yesterday’s primary sent a signal that candidates may not need political parties…..look carefully at the machinery producing the victories.  Back to the future…..are new political movements, talking heads, social networks providing the publicity and financial support…..candidates need to win?  Yesterday’s message…..Washington is not needed.



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