Political Tidbits…..

Less than 24 hours until the polls open….the state of incumbency will be tested.   Republican David McKinley cannot be discounted in November…..Democrats are in trouble everywhere…..even non-incumbents.  First Lady Laura Bush new book is truly “Spoken from the Heart”……it is personal. …..even George comes out OK!  Will the ongoing special session of the Legislature provide a read on the Governor’s standing with the Legislature?  Sen. Mike Oliverio may have gotten a boost from the Democratic Congressional Campaign……the chairman did not mention Oliverio in his news release after Mollohan was defeated….assume the comments he made in the primary that he would support someone other than Pelosi did not sit well with the DCCC.  Sen. Frank Deem will be missed…..but never assume Frank is done with politics.  No signal yet if GOP Chairman McKinney will seek re-election.  The May 11th primary put a spotlight on new Republican leadership…..don’t overlook Marty Gearhart and Conrad Lucas.   The newest Republican Spike Maynard in the Third District is a tough campaigner…..his congressional race should be in full gear…..November is here.


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