Political Tidbits…..

Charleston native Sara Feinberg has left Rahm Emanuel’s WH staff….but she leaves behind husband Dan Pfeiffer….he directs White House Communications.  Once worked on a project (non-political) with her….she is a first class operator.  It is construction season and outside Washington “DANGER” signs should be erected….just ask incumbents.  No such dangers in WV….one House Member lost yesterday and two Senate incumbents.  A congressional race in PA to fill the seat of the late powerful Rep. John Murtha is drawing national attention….a former Capito staffer Tad Rupp is running the show.  While he works there his father Dr. Robert Rupp hosted an anniversary celebration of President Kennedy’s WV primary win 50 years ago…..a great event.  Mollohan’s defeat was driven more by neglect and absence from his district…..and he faced an well thought of public official in Senator Oliverio.  Republicans will rally behind Spike as he takes on Nick Joe….they are pleased to have a new member in the party.  RNC Chair Michael Steele did some housecleaning in his finance office….now who cleans out Michael?  400 seem to be the number in the  primary….looked at several races either won or lost by….400 plus.


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