Michael It’s Time To Go

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele is dragging Republicans down and draining its bank account.  He has created controversy since his election more than a year ago.

That’s not bad enough he even wrote a book in which he says Republicans will not in 2010 take over the U. S. House of Representatives.  His actions and those of his cohorts if continued will certainly help make his prediction come true.

Worst still opportunity for Republicans is knocking on the door as we approach the 2010 midterm election. 

Steele is now presiding over a sex club fiasco by someone using Republican National Committee (RNC) money.

When Steele was elected the RNC had $22 million on hand.  In the Federal Election Commission report for the period just ended he reported less than $10 million after raising $96 million during the period.

National news accounts say the Republican National Committee is losing loyal high dollar contributors.  I expect after the sex club episode the small donors will say – no thank you.

With the opportunity President Obama has given Republicans to gain or take control of Congress the members of the Republican National Committee should remove Steele at the first opportunity.

Better yet Michael it’s time to go.


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