How Could He Promise Change

I have been reading “The Audacity to Win” a book by David Plouffe about the campaign of Barack Obama.  It is a firsthand account about the speeches, news conferences and messages he delivered. 

This brought back his passionate promise of “change you can believe in”. 

Before making the change promise candidate Obama should have recalled what former Secretary of State George P. Shultz said about Washington.  Shultz said, “Nothing ever gets settled in this town.  A seething debating society in which the debate never stops, in which people never give up, including me.  And so that’s the atmosphere in which you administer”.

How could he promise change when he had no way to know how the real Washington works?  Obama left Washington almost immediately after being sworn in as United States Senator to begin his campaign for President. 

A thoughtful explanation about “Why Obama Isn’t Changing Washington” was offered yesterday by Fred Barnes in The Wall Street Journal.

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