You can bet Sandy would not win any election but all interest is focused on her.  However, Political Junkies like me and a lot of you are wondering what impact she will have and where does things stand as the snow begins to fall.

The immediate impact is likely to be an increase in early voting.  Secondarily, Governor Tomblin has suspended his campaign to oversee the preparations as West Virginians prepare to cope with Sandy.   Candidate Bill Maloney in a tweet urged West Virginians to help each other.

On the practical side campaigns count on last minute door-to- door efforts to turn out their voters.  Many neighborhoods are cleared of campaign signs that might blow away.  Romney signs have been in huge demand and would be hard to replace at this point.

Likely many candidates will postpone trips and county political organizations will cancel get-out-to vote events.  Locally organized phone volunteers with lists at home will continue to call – as long as phone service remains.

Of course, those last minute direct mail pieces will make it as the mail always runs.  But Sandy may cause you to miss a few TV commercials.

Where things stand can be found on a chart [click to see] Secretary of State Tennant tweeted a couple hours go.  It shows county-by-county early votes and absentee ballots returned as of October 29th.

Once Sandy has cast her spell you can bet campaigns will go into a full court press until November 6th election day – hold on…it could be some ride.



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