Political Tidbits…10.26.12

A few Tidbits for your weekend…not that you have not had enough politics…let’s hope it is over in 11 days…but with the presidential race so tight

This makes me wonder…are Republicans concerned this could end up in the House of Representatives…this might explain the unusual push to defeat incumbent Democrat…Rep. Nick Joe Rahall.

A Washington friend believes…you can feel the fingernails of the Obama team screeching against their campaign blackboard.

WEATHER THREAT…meteorologist say WV could have heavy rain and even some early next week— VOTE EARLY and as the old saying goes…often.

Campaign activity is picking up…Republicans held a Freedom Dinner last night…and Democrats are holding their delayed Jefferson Jackson affair on Saturday…with former presidential candidate Dick Gephardt leading the pre-election cheers.

Last night…Democrats had major events in Berkeley, Fayette and Marion counties…more GOTV rallies set  for Cabell, Logan early Saturday…the rallying cry is EARLY VOTING.

Mitt Romney’s longtime friend Dan McBride…tonight headlines a “My Friend Mitt” dinner being organized by Wayne County Republicans…with Dallas Thacker & Joey Robinett  pushing the event in his role as a State GOP Committee members.

Two hard working legislative candidates I have been watching in districts 35 & 36 are JB McCuskey and Robin Holstein…they were among the few who showed up at a Thomas Hospital event…more no shows than candidates…the no show incumbents in these districts may get a lesson from these two.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell…was here yesterday to raise funds for John Raese…a $2,500 energy roundtable was held at the Greer Mansion…in Morgantown…McConnell joined National Republican Chairman Reince Priebus at the Freedom Dinner.

Past meets the future in political communications…Twitter and Facebook are playing a role…and it is expected to grow…an interesting piece from The State Journal sheds light on both.

An experienced political observer emailed…Obama will do a little bit better in WV than most people think…it appears most Republican candidates are tying their campaign [and hopes] to voters  picking them…because their opponent supports [or may] Obama for re-election.

A memo from GOP Chair Conrad Lucas says…his party has a 3 to 1 cash advantage over the WV Democratic Party.

What’s going on in the Governor’s race…too quiet.

Candidates are beginning to tout endorsements…emails and news releases are coming to PHILLIPSBILLBOARD…if you’re interested the WV Press Association has done a great job…compiling newspaper endorsements to date…here is a list.

Economic growth is what the national election is all about…there is a great book The 4% Solution:  Unleashing the Economic Growth American Needs from The George W. Bush Institute…packed with contributions from Nobel laureates…economists…business leaders and public intellectuals…get your copy @ an online bookstore.

In my Fatigue piece…it was pointed out only the AG race appeared to have any energy…boy has that changed…candidate emails & news clips show a heated race developing [at last minute] between Treasurer Perdue and Mike Hall the GOP challenger…this could be the sleeper race for Republicans.

Note that Greg Thomas is tweeting again…account must have been renewed.

CBS This Morning [yesterday]…had an interview that showed the personal side of Mitt Romney…this is one I must share…so click now [disclaimer – I serve as WV Romney Chair]



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