Republicans Don’t Get Excited

It may seem President Obama is about to replace Jimmy Carter….you know what I mean.  Or, that healthcare will bring about another 1994 congressional election in 2010.  Republicans don’t get excited. 

There is a national election atmosphere being created by the healthcare debate and television advertising, town hall meetings, polls being issued daily, street rallies and Obama volunteers going door to door.  With all this grassroots activity previously active Republicans are waking up.  This is not August, 2012 it  just seems that way.

No question, on the national level the party is in a better position than it was January 20th.   There appears to be a new confidence.  That is good but not the final answer.  The GOP leadership in Congress and the various national Republican Committees must develop a positive agenda.  The party’s base must be expanded and the moderate vs. conservative concerns resolved before 2012.

The one issue which could drive the outcome of the 2012 election is the spending of public (taxpayers) money.  The Congressional Budget Office has an estimate that the national debt will be $17.1 trillion by 2019.  I believe the president’s approval ratings are going down because of his spending ways.  

It will be President Obama’s free-spending that will motivate Independents, Republicans and conservative Democrats when he is up for re-election.  That assumes he still has the support of his party to be nominated. 

Republicans don’t get excited but take steps now to develop an agenda that will appeal to Independents and conservative Democrats, expand the base and put this moderate/conservative thing in the past.   

As the old saying goes “one day is a year in politics”.  Republicans, don’t waste a day.

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