Obama Moves Scare Tactics to a New Group

It has been a usual and customary vote getter to scare seniors about losing Medicare.  With polls showing young voters not as supportive – or at least as enthusiastic as in 2008 Obama used a scare tactic on youthful voters.

While at the Northern Virginia Community College town hall, Obama appealed to young voters saying that unless they mobilized, special interests will balance the federal budget by slashing student aid and other education spending.

As reported by  The Hill he told the town hall Republicans want to cut Pell Grant scholarships with their budget, Obama said, while his own budget plan would increase education spending.

“There are powerful voices in Washington…And they’re going to want to reduce the deficit on your backs.  And if you are not heard, that’s exactly what’s going to happen,” Obama said.

He was then off to rekindle excitement among younger voters at a town-hall hosted by Facebook in California.

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