Second Term?

President Obama in my view could never get a second term.  That was until yesterday.

He has presided over an “Administration of Failure.”  The policies he pursued after taking office have been rejected by voters from the beginning.  Even so he has continued on message during the midterm elections knowing voters are turned off by his so-called success.

We all know the last president in such a shape was Bill Clinton in 1994.  When Clinton faced with losing his presidency he adjusted.  Our current President has shown no signs of adjustment, compromise or a willingness to put the country ahead of himself. 

Just last week Peter Baker wrote in the New York Times.  “One prominent Democratic lawmaker told me Obama’s problem is that he is not insecure – he always believes he is the smartest person in any room and never feels the sense of panic that makes a good politician run scared all the time, frenetically wooing lawmakers, power brokers, adversaries and voters as if the next election were a week away.”

Now to how he may get a second chance – maybe even a second term.

Respected columnist David Broder wrote yesterday about the political arrangement in Great Britain.  How the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats discovered more agreement than they had expected – including on a new austerity budget.  Broder said the midterm elections provide the opportunity for a similar breakthrough here.

His theory is Republicans will emerge with sufficient leverage in the Congress to approach Obama with a let’s “do a Cameron” when it comes to federal spending.  Broder says this would require a radical rollback in the welfare state in return for a two-year truce on such policy questions as repeal of the health-care law. 

Broder believes Obama’s strong endorsement of his fiscal responsibility commission report in December which is expected to emphasize spending discipline over raising revenue may be the vehicle.

Republicans are far more willing to put their country first and work in a bipartisan manner to get federal spending under control.  President Obama has never shown any sign of flexibility – even for his own good – let alone the country. 

Don’t look for a second term.

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