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Many Mansions & Tidbits

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

The story goes…when A. James Manchin [Joe’s Uncle Jimmy] was once running for the House of Delegates he often told audiences “…in my house are many mansion were it not so I would have told you”…well there is Gayle, Mark, Brooke, Tim, Joe IV, Heather and many more I assume…maybe that is where Democrats can find a U.S. Senate candidate.

Hard to understand 2nd congressional district Republican hopefuls …announcing their candidacy in August… when no one is paying attention…not even party insiders at the county level…learned long ago the announcement of candidacy may be your best news day.

Milking earned media in August was… I am not sure what office I want when I grow up… Delegate Suzette Raines (R-Kanawha)…just elected to the House in 2012…after part of one term says…I want to be a State Senator…now she thinks she wants to go to Washington…could turn out she at least wins the earned media contest…if she announces for Congress after Labor Day…who knows what she wants or where she will end up.

On the other side…of the 2nd district it may seem quiet…but primary candidate Nick Casey is out making house calls…earlier in the summer he paraded with Senator Joe & Gayle at Coalton Days.

In case you missed it this summer…state Democrats are bringing  out the big gun for the Jefferson/Jackson Day Dinner…VP Joe BidenI suggested in an earlier tweet he was coming to help look for a Senate candidate…could be…never underestimate the power of a guys named JOE.

Getting into the spotlight is State Senator Dave Sypolt (R-Preston)…was favorably mentioned in Charleston Gazette editorial last week…regarding State President Jeff Kessler’s “future fund idea”…good to see Sypolt stepping out.

Hard to believe the WV State Board of Education has engaged a law firm… to help it select a search firm… to search for a new State Superintendent…the same group of attorneys it hired to handle the lawsuit filed against it for firing Superintendent Jorea Marple…what happen to watching your money?

Yet to be seen…but will new House Speaker Tim Miley (D-Harrison) step up and save House Democrats in 2014…it’s going to take a major effort to get ahead of the enthusiasm and planning being done by the State GOP party.

The 2nd district GOP race…it may turned out to be a fight of ages… the experienced vs. the inexperienced…when 29 year-old Ron Walter, Jr. entered the race that thought struck me…the Republican party seems to be in an age transition.

Promise this is the last word…at least for now…on the 2nd congressional district…a factor yet to be heard from is Putnam County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Sorsaia…he built a lot of friends and name ID when he ran in the special election for Governor…keep an eye on his schedule.

BTW have you noticed the Democrats still have not found a candidate to run in the First Congressional District…Congressman David McKinley has performed well since his election in 2010…what is going on inside the Democratic party?

Politics & Horses…a giant in political journalism Jack Germond passed away this month…he had retired to Charles Town…was a regular at Charles Town Races…he once told NPR he went to Charles Town races twice a week as he said “it’s a totally cleansing experience.”