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Newt Nixon & Tidbits

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Is Newt Gingrich the new Nixon…both with razor sharp minds…neither governed as they ran…both with more than two lives…Nixon had big ideas…Newt wants a colony on the moon…both were great disappointments…both left office in disgrace.

Endorsements matter…at least for Mitt Romney73 Members of Congress and several high profile governors are on his team…wonder why Gingrich is not rolling out endorsements from his famous Class of 94?

Last fall when Maloney did not win…a lot of talk in GOP circles about not doing better in the Eastern Panhandle…and the lopsided Tomblin win in Southern counties…seems Maloney’s handlers missed an opportunity in announcing his re-run in Morgantown…why not Martinsburg and Beckley? 

Remember State GOP Chair Mike Stuart endorsed two different candidates for Chairman of the Republican National Committee last year…must run in the family…his wife filed to become a delegate to the RNC convention and the SOS website showed her committed to Romney…before the day was over it changed to Gingrich…guess the SOS could have made a mistake.

To win the GOP presidential nomination it takes half of the 2,286 available delegates…136 WV’s filed as of Saturday night [when the mail is open there will be more] pledges to Romney 39Gingrich 24Paul 22…Uncommitted 49.

Interesting…Chairman Stuart filed as an uncommitted delegate At-Large to the GOP national convention…wonder if he is planning on resigning as Chair…before the August convention…he is automatically a voting delegate as State Chairman.

Republican interest down the ballot…a quick look at Senate seats …it appears the GOP left 8 without candidatesDemocrats did not file in 4 districts….AP reported Sunday 50 of the 100 House members have their races decided…no clear picture about GOP candidate recruitment until the Postman [woman] arrives.

Watch the GOP House primary in the 35th district…JB McCuskey filed…his family long active party workers…and his wife…Wendy has an unbelievable campaign management mind.

Allen Loughry [Republican] seeking Supreme Court…has proven himself a hard and effective worker…he qualified for public funding…raising $35,000 a dollar at a time…public funding will give him $50,000 [minimum] for primary…with $350,000 minimum for General. 

Are Super PACS taking the place of national political parties…national reports says they are reaching beyond TV Ads.

Political types believe 2012 will be a Republican year…with Obama heading the Democratic ticket and not liked here…Democrats will stay home…but that was before surprise US Senate candidate John Raese entered the picture…now everyone believes Sen. Joe Manchin will turn on the turnout machine.

FINALLY…will the GOP risk Goldwater II with Newt Gingrich…for those too young to recall…in 1964 the party went with the risky Senator…and in 1972 the Democrats threw caution out and went with Sen. George McGovern.

Supreme Court Says It’s A Go

Friday, January 20th, 2012

A cloud hanging over the 2012 congressional elections has been removed for now.  Earlier today the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the District Court redistricting decision.  Blocking the January 3rd decision means the redistricting map that moved Mason County from the second district to the third district will prevail – for 2012.  Those wanting to seek election to the U. S. House of Representatives or to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention have until January28th to file.   More details may be found in the Fox News link below.

Tidbits & Lees Stirs Response

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

2012 arrived with West Virginians focused on the football success of Marshall University and WVU…now facing TWO MORE elections in 2012…of course the political types like myself…love it.

The political rumor mill is operating at full speed…making the rounds at the WV Chamber pre-legislative dinner…Sen. Mike Hall [senate minority leader] was said to be planning a challenge to U. S. Sen. Manchin…the next evening at the Capitol…he was running for Secretary of State…then John Raese shows up an files for U. S. Senate….wonder what impact that will have on Bill Maloney’s off and on plans to run for Governor…isn’t politics interesting!

Congressman David McKinley…gave a rousing speech… at the sellout Chamber dinner…comments were favorable about his work as a new Member of Congress…Wesleyan political science professor Robert Rupp…said he thought the 2012 WV election would bring generational change…but seems same old officeholders are filing.

BTW…where are all the Republicans…in what is to be a good year for GOP candidate…only two have put their names on the line…Auditor candidate Larry V. Faircloth [Martinsburg]…and Eastern Panhandle Judge John Yoder…seeking the Supreme…after a near win in 2010…Chairman [GOP] Mike Stuart says look for a full ticket.

Any Republican could have delivered…Governor Tomblin’s State of the State address…he put down the first marker…he is not happy with President Obama…when he spoke about being at “war” with Obama over the policies of EPA…every delegate and the gallery…gave him a standing ovation….overheard remark…look at all the Romney voters down on the House floor.

ROMNEY hit’s the ground “running”…he was the first GOP presidential seeker to file in WV…days later Gingrich added his name.

Redistricing…redistricting…redistricting…that is the topic among legislators…seems like everyone has a map…in Charleston…anyone’s guess where this political issue will land…or how it will impact WV’s future representation in Washington.

REMEMBERING…Hulett C. Smith, WV’s 27th governor…he died this week.  Governor Smith and my friend Cecil Underwood…opposed each other in 1964…became lifelong friends and always collaborated to advance West Virginia.  Many memories of that 1964 campaign when my dear friend Jack Canfield and I were on opposing sides…but that never impacted our lifelong friendship.  West Virginians owe much to Gov. Smith for his “administration of excellence.”


Tea Party Stands for Free Markets and Freedom (Ryan Kennedy, Co-founder of North Central WV Tea Party) 

In that article, Mr. Lees begins by condemning Republicans for attacking other Republicans on the basis of being capitalists or making a profit in business.  I agree 100% with Mr. Lees that Republicans should not be attacking each other for being businessmen who make profits.  That is the heart of our free enterprise system which Republicans for decades have at least paid lip service to defending.  It is disappointing to see Republicans engaging in the type of class warfare typically engaged in by Democrats.  

However, then Mr. Lees proceeds to somehow blame “the white working-class tea party underclass” for “co-opting” the Republican Party.  This shows that Mr. Lees does not understand even the most elementary concepts of what the tea party movement is and what it stands for.  

We stand for constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and accountability of elected officials.  Within the scope of constitutionally limited government is stopping the government from interfering in the economy and promoting economic liberty.  

Any true tea partier supports the right of any person to engage in any lawful business or trade and to reap the rewards of their own hard work and good fortune.  Occupy Wall Street may want to attack the “1%” and stealtheir stuff whereas we want to give everyone a chance to become wealthy.   

As to some of the other adjectives that Mr. Lees attributes to the tea party, (white, working-class, and underclass) we are all races and all economic levels.  I am an attorney and I work side by side in this movement with retirees, people who work minimum wage jobs, blue collar laborers, and other white collar professionals, both young and old.  

If what Mr. Lees means by “underclass” is that we are not career politicians, arrogant elites, and members of the corrupt establishment, then I proudly wear that label. 

Anyone who believes in constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and accountability of elected officials, is welcome to join us to achieve those goals.  Feel free to e-mail my group at and we will put you in touch with a local tea party group in your area.


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Jim Lees “The Republican Party Gone Crazy?”

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Jim Lees (Former WV Democrat Candidate for Governor)

      Has the Republican Party gone completely nuts?  I just finished watching Rick Perry refer to Governor Romney for the third time today as a “Vulture Capitalist” and I just finished watching Newt’s “independent PAC film “When Mitt Romney Came to Town” and I must question whether there is truly a Republican Party as a functioning organization that exists anymore.  Since when do Republicans attack fellow Republicans for being capitalists?  I am stunned to see the direction of the attacks being mounted by Perry, Gingrich, and Santorum against a fellow Republican candidate.  The people in the President’s campaign must be doing cartwheels today as well as taking notes.  So now the Republican Party has become the party of the occupy Wall Street movement?  With differences among the candidates on tax policy, budget issues, social issues, foreign policy, and other legitimate issues up for debate why in the world are Republican candidates using Governor Romney’s record with Bain Capital and his venture capital background as the main attack point?  Does anyone not see how this will play perfectly into the President’s re-election campaign?  Has the Republican Party been completely co-opted by the white working-class tea party underclass to the point where capitalism and taking profits is now considered a sin and a disqualification to be President?

       I am literally stunned at this latest turn of events in Republican politics.  I never thought I would see a Republican candidate for President much less three of them attack a fellow Republican for being a greedy Wall-Street capitalist who dared to make capital investments and take profits.  As a Democrat I fully understand that an argument can be made that in doing so innocent hard-working people are sometimes hurt and lose their jobs, but I never thought I would see the day when Republicans slam other Republicans for “immoral” profit-taking in a capitalist system.  Wait……………was that screaming and cheering I heard coming from the President’s re-election headquarters? 

The PhillipsBillBoard welcomes commentary from readers.