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Obama in Campaign Mode

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

President Obama did not wait to kick off his $1 billion dollar 2012 campaign later this week in Chicago.  He did so today in a speech at George Washington University.  The speech was billed in advance as a policy address regarding his plan to cut the national debt and reduce spending. 

Professor Obama spent the first 20 minutes of what I would call a 2012 campaign kick-off speech lecturing the public on the economic realities that face the government.

Then he put on his partisan hat and fiercely attacks the Republican Ryan “Path to Prosperity” plan using language and threats to please his Democratic allies who are beginning to have second thoughts about President Obama.

Obama is in trouble with his liberal base as reported in The Washington Post this morning.  He said in the GW speech he was “sympathetic” to those who oppose cutting spending now, but came right back in campaign mode to say “doing nothing on the deficit is just not an option.”

We should have known this would be a campaign event when the President sent our this 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe to all the Sunday talk shows to announce the forthcoming “policy address on the debt.”  Plouffe is now a senior White House advisory – likely providing political advice not economic policy counsel.   

What this country needs is a President-In Chief not a Campaigner-In-Chief.

A Friend Fires At Obama

Monday, April 11th, 2011

The President Is Missing

By Paul Krugman (New York Times)

What have they done with President Obama? What happened to the inspirational figure his supporters thought they elected? Who is this bland, timid guy who doesn’t seem to stand for anything in particular?  Read the full op-ed here.

The Next Fight

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Boehner:  Next fight will be about trillions, not billions

By John Boehner (Speaker, U. S House of Representatives)

This week, Congress is moving toward approval of an agreement on the largest spending cut in history to help begin to create a better environment for private-sector job growth.  Read the rest of the USA Today op-ed here.

Sunday Opinion

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Two respected Americans who served four U. S. presidents as Secretary of State have written an op-ed in The Washington Post.  Secretary Henry A. Kissinger joined with Secretary James A. Baker III outlined their views about “The grounds for U. S. intervention.”  Read the full opinion piece here.

Political Tidbits…

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

THE WINNER IS…anyone’s guess…depends upon the turnout plan of the candidates…both parties…with no interest on Main Street in the Governor’s primary…the party faithful will decide…even if TV ads increase…then only those negative ones will likely impact…the Democrat race with 19% undecided..

Despite TV ads…of Perdue & Thompson their poll numbers changed little…from November Mark Blankenship poll…showing BOTH at 7% …the recent Tomblin survey had Perdue at 13% & Thompson 8%…SOS Tennant [also a candidate] has a poll with Perdue at 14%…Thompson at 5%.

Candidate spokespersons…after the Tomblin poll…called it a two person race…with Tomblin named along with their candidate…but polls results…the Blankenship [November]…Tennant [March 10-15]…Tomblin [March 28-31]…show the two person race is TOMBLIN & TENNANT.

HERE ARE THE NUMBERS…Blankenship’s early [Nov.] survey…Tomblin 24% [he had just assumed the office]…Tennant 19%…moving to March…Tennant’s poll of 600 likely voters showed Tomblin 31% and Tennant at 27%…two weeks later Tomblin released a survey where he [Tomblin] was at 36%…and Tennant at 22%…all the recent surveys show 19% of UNDECIDED…this RACE IS FAR FROM OVER.

Neither Tennant nor Tomblin…have been up on TV…Tomblin has the funds…Tennant has the enthusiasm…Perdue is strong with party faithful…Thompson has the teachers…Kessler seldom a mention.

REPUBLICAN candidates…seem to be working hard…but without much public note…Ireland and Maloney issued competing news release about the Chamber endorsement…not likely to have much impact…remember Ireland got an early endorsement from the FARM BUREAU.

Unless you are attending GOP county LINCOLN DAY DINNERS…it is hard to track that race…no polling has been done…or at least released… like the Democrats…hoping to declare yourself in the lead.

Republican candidates’ news releases…and newsletters have hit the in boxbut not the newspapers…one can assume the party faithful are focused on the race…SORSAIA, FAIRCLOTH and CARMICHAEL making the numerous dinners…not sure what happens after dinner…no public polls.

ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN PRIMARY”…it will still come down to who WORKS  24/7…touching base with known primary voters…TV may still play a role…but only if it gets negative…or as a name building strategy…Governor Tomblin & Secretary of State Tennant…based on the polls don’t need that…they need strong ground game efforts…FOR THE REPUBLICANS…with only two candidates…Ireland & Barnes…having been active in party circles…it will likely take a well placed TV buy…to become known…with the right message…added to a strategic turnout program.

All Eyes Are On Capitol Hill

Monday, April 4th, 2011

The shutdown battle: 10 things to watch

By: Bob Cusack (The Hill)

The forecast on Capitol Hill this week calls for brinksmanship, heated rhetoric and a climactic ending that could have a major impact on the 2012 elections.  Read the full story here.

Money Suppliers

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

It has been said money is the “mother’s milk of politics.” 

The candidates in the special primary election have filed their first reports with the Secretary of State.  Though the campaign has been quiet to now you can learn a lot by reviewing these reports.

Below are links to assist you in seeing who supplies the money for the Democrat and Republican candidates and where they are spending it.

Enjoy and look for a strategy in the reports – remember the old saying “follow the money.”


Jeffrey V. Kessler

Arne  Moltis

John D. Perdue

Natalie E. Tennant

Rick Thompson

Earl Ray Tomblin


Clark Barnes

Mitch B. Carmichael

Ralph William Clark

Cliff Ellis

Larry V. Faircloth

Betty Ireland

Bill Maloney

Mark A. Sorsaia

Weekend…Political Tidbits

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Campaigns… are picking up…so is the snow in Elkins…Democrat Natalie Tennant has released a document with policy ideas…is she following the Gaston Caperton model…in an usual TV move John Perdue has a two minute spot…could be a good move… time for voters to learn about his concerns…Speaker Rick Thompson went first on TV…a quick [30 sec.] intro about his life…Governor [acting] Earl Ray Tomblin is governing…and doing so quite well.

Is Gaston Caperton planning a political comeback…or just moving home…after his years in New York…word is the former Governor has purchased the home of a prominent government official in Charleston.

GOP campaigns for that Kanawha River mansion…are not as active…at least on TV…friends call that the big five [Ireland, Sorsaia, Barnes, Carmichael & Maloney] are moving around to Lincoln Dinners…and meeting with party types in key counties.

A Washington idea…that MAKES SENSE…Republican Study Committee [the House conservative caucus] plans a “Repeal Taskforce”…focus on unconstitutional, anti-free enterprise…first target Davis-Bacon Act…sets wages on federal construction projects…making them more costly…a similar concern exists in here…click here to read one opinion about prevailing wage in WV.

Why am I counting campaign signs…my wife is a sign counter…to know who really is working at the grassroots…just back from Washington…on our drive over …Democrat Perdue and Republican Sorsaia signs all along the route…coming home one Thompson sign in Hardy…Barnes had lots [but it is his senatorial district…why there]…one Tennant sign in Elkins…before the snow started…wonder if the other candidates [both parties] have a “ground game”.

Slow starting…GOP presidential campaigns…except the early positioning…Barbour seems to be talking with Huckabee…who are they ganging up on…Gingrich has moved his date again…Romney’s “campaign-in-waiting” seems flexible about timing…Daniels continues on the list…Bachmann got on fire in Iowa…Trump will say in June…Huntsman remains in China…while a PAC prepares…who knows what Sarah is planning…there must be others.

CANDIDATE REMINDER…in the “Anything Can Happen Primary”…TURNOUT…the winner will be decided as a result of voter ID, GOTV activities, candidates working core party leaders…courthouse visits (especially for Democrats) seeking out power brokers & opinion leaders in strategic counties…touching base with former county based officeholders [don’t forget current ones] phone banks…working the phones every free minute…while traveling…eating and BTW…don’t forget to vote.

Sen. Rockefeller gave a thoughtful and reasoned argument for his 2 year halt on EPA defining greenhouse gases…others want to completely take the authority from EPA…Rockefeller says that will never pass…or be vetoed…so let’s get stop EPA now…don’t risk no passage or veto…take two years and legislate a new direction for EPA that will not harm coal miners.

WEEKEND GAME…”Barack Bracket”…developed by the Republican National Committee…on line voting game to choose which frivolous activity should occupy most of the president’s time…DEMOCRAT FRIENDS…this is just for fun [not funds]…click here to play.