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Reheated proposals

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The Economist a respected international publication takes a harsh look at Barack Obama’s energy policy.  They talk about his “half-baked, reheated list of proposals as anything more than a reassurance to the environmentally-minded”.  Read the full story here.

Political Tidbits…

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

WINTER meeting of Republican State Committee made it…held three days before Spring…attendance looked like a record…it was professionally organized…and you could sense an infrastructure coming together…members were delighted with the new less costly headquarters…even have a new ED from Gov. Perdue’s staff out of Georgia…Chad Holland…THEY ARE GETTING PREPARED.

Legislature has gone home…with mixed results…seems more political work was done than job creating…one thing is certain acting Governor Tomblin is sure using the VETO PEN…which must mean the gang at the Legislature spent too much…voters are taking note.

IS THERE A CAMPAIGN FOR Governor underway…if so it is underground where this low turnout primary will be won…the only people talking about the Governor’s race at the GOP winter meeting…was the candidates…two were serving food AGAIN…Ireland & Maloney…maybe a liquid might have started the talk!

At the national level…it was reported that Mitt Romney [maybe candidate for President] gave a ‘fiery’ speech at a fundraising meeting in Manhattan this week…he addressed the issue of the Obama health care program…and vowed to issue an executive order allowing states to opt out…Romney’s response was met with sustained applauses, attendees said. 

SOS Natalie Tennantbrought 55 county clerks together for two days…going over election rules in preparation for the gubernatorial election…now isn’t that interesting…55 politically connected individuals…bet that was a campaign rally at night…Tennant in a recent poll came up a few points short to Earl Ray Tomblin…in her race for Governor…noted recently Tennant is getting important help from Lou Ann Johnson…retired Rockefeller state director…that is good help.

Only five of the eight GOP candidates turned up at the WINTER meeting…Mark Sorsaia seems to have stepped it up a notch…Ireland showed her experience during the panel session…Maloney is learning…Carmichael talked the fastest…on way back to legislative session…Barnes arrived on Saturday…he had been out working in important primary counties.

Charleston pollster MARK BLANKENSHIP…gave an impressive presentation on polling & public relations…he was cheered by John McCutcheon…who is back ready for the next campaign.

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION…to this one…during a Saturday AM session with GOP members of the HOUSE & SENATE…well attended…a Senator remarked…”I never thought I would see Sen. Truman Chafin (D-Mingo) being the voice of reason…in the Senate…House Leader Tim Armstead is preparing for redistricting.

Chairman Stuart…invited representatives of the TEA PARTY from across the state…they showed their commitment…and effectiveness…during the panel discussion.


Political News 3.25.11 GOP Update

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Sarah Palin Says She’s ‘Tempted’ To Run for President In 2012, Even as Evidence Mounts She Won’t

By Jon Ward (HuffPost)

Washington—What is Sarah Palin up to?

The former Alaska governor told Fox News Wednesday night she is “still thinking about” running for president in 2012, and she feels “tempted” to do so because she questions the other potential Republican candidates’ motives.  Read the full story here.

Mitt Romney, tea party favorite

By Chris Cillizza (The Washington Post)

Mitt Romney is the choice of nearly one in four of those who agree with tenets of the tea party, according to a new Pew poll, a surprising result that suggests the former Massachusetts governor’s support heading into the 2012 may be broader than previously assumed.  Read the full story here.


Bachmann Tells ABC News “I’m In!”

By Jonathan Karl & Matthew Jaffe (ABC News/Politics)

Just over ten months before next February’s Iowa caucuses Sarah Palin is returning from a recent trip to Israel.  But Tea Party darling Rep. Michele Bachmann is already hitting the Hawkeye state capital.  Read the full story here.

Donald Trump will appear at Iowa Republican dinner in June

By Thomas S. Beaumont (Des Moines Register)

 Donald Trump plans to make his first Iowa appearance as a presidential prospect on June 10 as the headline speaker for the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner, state GOP officials told The Des Moines Register Tuesday.  Read the full story here.

One-stop place for Obama administration documents

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Karl Rover’s Crossroads GPS launches Wikicountability document-sharing website

By Mathew Boyle (The Daily Caller)

Through his Crossroads GPS organization, former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove rolled out a new document-sharing website similar to Wikileaks on Wednesday called Wikicountability.  Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio told The Daily Caller the website’s goal is to provide a one-stop place for access to Obama administration documents, both ones that are already public and those received through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.  Read the full story here.

Does Joe Biden think President Obama should be impeached?

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Constitutional firestorm over Libya war and Biden’s past impeachment words greeting Obama

By Andrew Malcolm (Lost Angeles Times)

Oh, my how awkward is this?

President Obama, his daughters, his wife and him other-in-law just debarked from five days of parties, toasts and sightseeing across South America.  Read the full story here.

Economic Policy

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Would Obama help or hurt deficit negotiations?

By Ezra Klein (The Washington Post with Bloomberg)

The implicit assumption of the letter that the Gang of 64 sent President Obama is that it’d be easier to craft a budget deal if the White House was aggressively and publicly involved.  The first part of that may be true.  The second party probably isn’t.  Read the full story here.

Political News 3.21.11

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Palin: I could have brought change in ‘08

By Jordan Fabian (The Hill)

Republicans would have been more successful in the 2008 presidential elections if she was at the top of the ticket, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin suggested Saturday.  Read the full story here.

Party angry over racetrack measure

By Jared Hunt (Daily Mail Capitol Reporter)

Charleston, W. Va. – State Republicans are angry over a bill designed to help the state’s racetracks fight off out of state competition.  Read the full story here.

Some states consider cutting 2012 primaries to save money

By Mary Wisniewski & James B. Kelleher (Reuters)

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Skimpy budgets are cutting into the way states pay for schools, healthcare, and now – even primary elections.

At least six states are considering either canceling or delaying their 2012 presidential primaries, mostly to save money.  Read the full story here.

Many GOP candidates lacking endorsements

By Ry Rivard (Daily Mail Capitol Reporter)

Charleston, W. Va. – As some Democratic candidates for governor seek to distinguish themselves by racking up endorsements, several Republican candidates so far report they haven’t been seeing much interest in them from the special interest.  Read the full story here.

Political analysis impacting 2012

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

The incredible, changeable independent voter

By Chris Cillizza & Aaron Blake (The Washington Post)

In American electoral politics, independent voters are the holy grail. 

Thousands of hours are spent by political strategist and reporters (read: nerds) pouring over what makes them tick and how best to court them.  Read the full story here.

Larry Puccio has another view

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Democrats run West Virginia very well

By Larry Puccio (OP-ED, Charleston Gazette)

Recently, the West Virginia Republican chairman resorted to his favorite tactic of preaching gloom and doom about our state.  While state Republicans claim they want to better our state, they spend most of their time disparaging it instead of promoting it.  Read the full story here.

Legislation To Block EPA

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Legislation to block EPA regulations makes significant gains in Congress

By Amanda Carey (The Daily Caller)

Republicans in the House and Senate made major gains Tuesday in efforts to block Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations on greenhouse gas emissions.  Read the full story here.