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Confirmed: It’s Time to Go Michael

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Last March said “It’s Time to Go Michael.”  As each day passes it is even clearer this guy has to leave.  The election of 2012 is at our doorstep.  His own staff is revealing why he must depart.  More important than Michael Steele departing is the role Republican National Committee will play in removing Obama from The White House.  The NYT has the story today about the last staffer who outlines a case against Steele.  Read the five page letter in the New York Times link.

Electronic Democracy

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Ross Perot made “electronic town halls” a centerpiece of this 1992 presidential campaign.  The idea eighteen years later may become a reality demanded by Americans.

Today Rasmussen released a report that Americans want a chance to vote on deficit Commission’s recommendations.  Electronic democracy could be phase two of the Tea Party grassroots movement.  The midterm elections certainly confirmed Americans want a larger voice in decision making

Perot’s idea was not going to result in the spirited gatherings of New England townspeople or people voting as Rasmussen found is wanted today.  Perot explained it this way:

            “I would create an electronic town hall, where, say, every week or so we would take a single major issue to the people.  We would explain it in great detail and then we would get a response from the owners of the country – the people – that could be analyzed by congressional district so that the Congress – no if’s, and’s and but’s – would know what the people want.  Then the boy’s running around with briefcases representing special interests would be de-horned – to use a Texas term.”

New media, emails, social networking, blogs, town hall meetings by telephone and other technology innovations have opened up the way Congress hears from its constituents. 

Maybe electronic voting by “the people” on public policy ideas such as the recommendations of President Obama’s bipartisan deficit reduction commission is in our future.

Governor’s Race Numbers

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Mark Blankenship of MBE Enterprises has taken a look at what could be the next race for Governor.  He has allowed phillipsbillboard to make the finding available to you.  Click on the link below to see Day 2 of his finding and how the potential candidates are doing.

Gubernatorial Election Survey

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Mark Blankenship West Virginia’s premier pollster and political analyst has conducted a survey to determine attitudes regarding a special gubernatorial election.  Blankenship has provided phillipsbillboard a copy of the news release outlining opinions.  The work takes a look at how citizens view Senator Manchin, Congresswoman Capito, Senator Rockefeller, Governor Tomblin and President Obama.  Blankenship is appearing on talk radio & television newscasts across the state to explain the findings. 

Click on this link to see MBE Voter Opinion Poll.

Why Would We Let Bureaucrats Spend Our Money?

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

A battle is about to be joined this week on Capitol Hill.  This is even before the lame duck session and the newly elected Members of Congress take over in January.  The push is to ban earmarks.

There is a danger in ending this practice.  That is putting the spending of our tax dollars in the hands of the well known “faceless bureaucrat” in hundreds of government agencies.  I have heard no one talking about eliminating the $15.9 billion in earmarks in spending last year.  All that would happen is removing Members of Congress out of the decision making. 

If advocates of keeping earmarks are wanting to add new spending  then that is a debate changer.

The first priority of any Member of Congress is to look after their congressional district that is what drives earmarks.  When I worked on Capitol Hill in the 1970’s I never heard the word earmark.  In those days we had to beg and appeal to some “faceless bureaucrat” on the other end of phone about the importance of a particular project.

Now you tell me who knows what is best needed in a congressional district or state than those elected by the people.  The only public official closer to the people than a Member of Congress is a member of a City Council.  I doubt most federal workers making funding decisions have ever been in Crum, West Virginia!

Let’s add another element to this debate.  Bureaucrats are responsive to their bosses.  Today the executive branch of government is controlled by the Obama Administration.  You can bet when a Member of Congress calls an agency if earmarks are ended, the agency staff will know which party they belong or how that voted on an important Obama issue. 

If Congress is going to end earmarks then the money saved should go to the federal treasury as a payment on the national debt – not to some unknown person or computer to spend at their discretion.

Presidential Advisors Say Obama Should Not Run

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Two prominent presidential advisors are urging President Obama to not seek another term.  The opinion piece will appear Sunday in the Outlook Section of The Washington Post.  Here is an advance look.

What About A Party Change – Joe?

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Late October 25th in a Political Tidbits posting on we wrote Manchin was running like a Republican.  It was suggested in the tightening election “what about a party change Joe.” offers early intel that “GOP Sweetens Its Offer to Manchin.”  Don’t expect such a move by Governor Manchin but its fun to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

One can only hope.

Political Tidbits…

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Another Special Election… can supporters think of spending money for another election…..when one in five West Virginians are now using food stamps…..we are going to have a Governor.

Cutting expenses is the plan of Mike Stuart who chairs the Republican Party…..he is looking for a new headquarters…..seems every new Chair looks for new digs…..Kris Warner brought a building…..McKinney located the headquarters across from Governor’s Mansion.

A morning pick up from POLITICO…..PRESIDENT OBAMA, on “60 Minutes”: “Part of my promise to the American people when I was elected was to maintain the kind of tone that says we can disagree without being disagreeable. And I think over the course of two years, there have been times where I’ve slipped on that commitment.” Video, transcript

ANITA DUNN, on “Meet the Press”: “[F]or two years, with Democrats controlling everything, it was kind of Democrats against Democrats. … [T]here’s now going to be a very clear choice in this town.”

–KAREN HUGHES, appearing with Anita on the roundtable: “[F]rankly, it’s a little insulting for him to suggest he wasn’t able to persuade us – as if we’re so stupid that we just don’t get how brilliant his policies were. … This was not a ‘tweak’ election. This was a ‘turn this baby around; we are on the wrong road’ election.”

Election season money has flowed to operate the state GOP… off years it is slow…..during the Bush years the RNC sent help…..those days are over…..the National Committee (RNC) had to take out a $5 million loan just before the election…..Mike Stuart will need to look elsewhere.

Back to the special election to select a Governor…..Democrats who control the legislature…..will harm chances for anyone in their party… or 2012…..if they insist on an election…..voters are getting ready for the holidays…..and a new year without an election.

The failed RNC Chairman Michael Steele continues to signal a run for a second term…..National Committee members are being surveyed.

West Virginia citizens will get first look at new Governor…..Senate Earl Ray Tomblin conducts a news conference at 10.

Readers outside The Charleston Gazette circulation area might like to see how columnist Phil Kabler closes out the Manchin/Raese contest…..also don’t miss reading Charles Krauthammer…..this appeared in The Washington Post and The Charleston Gazette.

Bush 43 admirers will be watching NBC tonight at 8 p.m. “Decision Points” A conversation with George W. Bush”.

“What Would Hillary Do?”

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

We have been in Washington the last few days.

All the talk there is that Obama has no idea why the election turned out as it did.  Washington veterans on Obama’s staff are taking a look at history to see what course to follow.  Pelosi’s decision to hang around is great for Republicans.  “The soon-to-be former speaker will….feed President Obama’s worst instincts” Karl Rove told The Washington Post.

When it comes to Republicans taking over the House everything seems in order to work on keeping their “Pledge to America”.  Senate Republicans will have an agenda to attract moderate Democrats interested in working to put America back on course.  No one believes the next two years will be easy.

Dana Milbank has a column this morning looking back at 2008.  His question is fascinating – “What would Hillary do?”

Republicans Are on Probation

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Karl Rove, The Architect, has guided Republicans to office from the courthouse to the White House.  His weekly column in The Wall Street Journal offers an overview of this week’s midterm election.  Then numbers are fascinating.  More importantly he tells his follow Republicans it’s “Time To Deliver.”