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Political Tidbits…10.2.12

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

A kick in the…that is what I got from readerswanting more news…hope you saw the first Blog News…a Mountain State collection…at least for the next 35 days.

Talk about too much going on…candidates financial reports posted as Big Four Money…well here is the second UPDATE…the wrong report was put up for Supreme Court candidate Tish Chafin…the correct one is here…just click to review…to see all WV reports…another click.

Speaking of Tish Chafin…she is using an Underwood tactic…pictures with folks in her travels…I remember Cecil and that Polaroid camera.

Poll workers are vital to a successful election…Lewis Co. Republicans honored them with a dinner…Congresswoman Capito’s traveling team of Todd Gunter and Chuck Flannery were on hand…State GOP Chair Conrad Lucas spent a few minutes…special guest was Judge John Yoder…Lewis leaders Glenn Brown and Ernie Bennett [supported by a great committee] organized the affair…impressive slate of local candidates in Lewis County…glad I was there.

Romney visited…by Washington DC Channel 9 TV…see it all here.

Roger Dahmer…chair of Pendleton GOP has turned out to be a fireball on his feet…he set the tone at the recent Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner…despite a powerful speech by Congresswoman Capito…Dahmer had them cheering…Senate Candidate John Raese and Kent Leonhardt seeking Commissioner of Agriculture spoke…Donald Hedrick who seeks to become Sheriff and Steven Smith candidate for House of Delegates pushed their candidacy.

Talked with a person who had never seen, heard or met John Raese…they were favorably impressed…BTW way Donna Gosney has been named Chair of the Raese campaign and Bob Adams is campaign manager…Adams is Capitol Hill Liaison for The TeaParty.Net.

Greenwire…leader in Energy & Environmental Policy news [Washington] said in the Oct. l newsletter that Maloney and Raese are “trying to paint the Democrats [Manchin & Tomblin] as being too close to President Obama and his policies affecting the coal industry”…but sites the WV Coal Association endorsement as evidence that “the attacks have failed to stick”.

American Crossroads [conservative super PAC]…attacks Obama on Libya in an 80-second video…click now to view.

“A NEW COURSE FOR THE MIDDLE EAST”…an op-ed by Mitt Romney in the Wall Street Journal…be sure to read.

Twitter is playing a huge 2012 roll in the national and state campaigns…you likely read Twitter shutting down three WV accounts last week…managed by WV Republican strategists…remember Don Blankenship’s guy [Greg Thomas/TSC] who ran a losing $3 million effort when Blankenship in 2006 tried to take over the Legislature…his account was closed according to Associated Press…along with another the New Majority Fund.

Is there a Don Blankenship connection to the GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney… according to recent financial reports Thomas is being used as an advisor to the Maloney effort…and the New Majority Fund lead by Delegate Troy Andes who was on Blankenship’s payroll at Massey Energy.

The Fairmont Times posted a piece about the late Governor Underwood…take time to read it here.

John Yoder, WV Supreme Court candidate will keynote the Hardy County Reagan Day Dinner on October 11 [thanks to Roger Saville for letting us know]…another Eastern WV GOP Dinner October 19th Congresswoman Capito will headline the evening.

Don’t want you to miss a campaign ad…not that you have not seen enough…but Allen Loughry has released his first…he is running for Supreme Court…but is best remembered for his book “Don’t Buy Another Vote. I won’t Pay For A Landslide”.

Passed along by a PHILLIPSBILLBOARD reader…Obama Supporter Interviews Herselfa must see.

MARK THESE IMPORTANT DATES…deadline to register voters October 16Early Voting begins October 24 and ends November 3…Democratic Party’s JJ Dinner October 27…Election Day November 6.

A real important date…October 25th State Republicans have announced National Chairman Reince Priebus will address a statewide dinner…more details to come.

Randolph Co. Republicans are preparing for a flood of candidates…Elkins will host the Mt. State Forest Festival this weekend…attended by thousands…no report on Democratic committee plans.

Insiders say GOP congressional candidate Rick Snuffer [3rd District] has a private poll showing him within striking distance of Rep. Nick Joe Rahall.

WHAT IS HAPPENING…if you click on Blog News you can read recent political news gathered from around the state…thanks PHILLIPSBILLBOARD READERS…for wanting more news.




Political Tidbits…9.1.12

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

TAMPA….in the early morning hours of yesterday most WV delegates to the Republican National Convention started for home….fired up about Mitt Romney as the country’s next President….but a little less unified as a State Republican Party than when they arrived.

The big HIT….was the HAT….coal miner’s hats worn by WV delegates that drew attention to coal and the EPA issues being faced in our State….a Donna Gosney idea….with HATS by James River Coal.

Before putting the GOP convention behind us….it was interesting that the Romney campaign did not back away from Bain Capital….after all the negative TV ads Obama and his allies have run…..another observation was the impressive individuals on the Republican bench….ready to go.

Now it is back to work in West Virginia with only 67 days for campaigning…yes and don’t forgot the Democratic National Convention next week….how could you!

Democrats and Republicans held conventions this summer where they adopted platforms….these little read documents outline how they will govern if successful in November….in fact they are hard to find and not seen in the media…here is your chance to compare….click WV Democratic 2012 Platform to read and here for the 2012 WV Republican Platform….now what do you think?

A Tweet not to miss…@CampaignCarl tweeted last night “Devastating video showing the president hitting the copy and paste button on American Allies”.

WHY….would Bill Maloney’s campaign manager be in Tampa….maybe looking for his next job/campaign….it was noted in a Charleston DM story he was there….taking time from a WV based campaign….is this a serious campaign?

Interesting political numbers in The West Virginia Poll conducted by the Charleston Daily Mail….since many PHILLIPSBILLBOARD readers don’t see the DM click here to see where things stand in the presidential and gubernatorial races.

Three Tampa interviews from WV Delegates to the RNC convention….John McCutcheon talked about Liberal Media…student Joe Strauss says President snubs Israel…and Kris Warner a National Journal interview.  Read by clicking on the names.

Political Tidbits…100 days away

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

100 days to sway the undecided…hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent by Obama and Romney on uncommitted voters in a few states…in WV Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney got ahead of the 100 days…he started statewide TV ads last week…fund raising must have picked up…or watch for another big personal check…he spent $2 million in personal funds in the special election.

A new element has been introduced in the WV Governor’s race…Charlotte Pritt…for those new to the political news here…she served as a State Senator…House of Delegates member…and now leads the Mountain Party…and is the only person to ever beat US Senator Joe Manchin in an election…that was the 1996 Democratic gubernatorial primary…Cecil Underwood defeated Pritt that Fall…a campaign I managed…and it was no picnic…as a Libertarian Wallace Johnson took votes from Underwood…in the end Underwood won with 51.6% to Pritt 45.8% and Johnson 2.6%.

This becomes an important developmentfor the both candidate Maloney and Governor Tomblin…the Democrat…Pritt’ s Mountain Party candidate may be able to pull liberal votes from both parties…if there are any in the GOP…creating another close Governor’s election…expect liberal Democrats are already upset with Tomblin…since he will not attend the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte.

State GOP is preparing for its convention in Beckley August 4th…delegates are expected from across the State…plus the State Executive Committee will hold its first meeting under the leadership of Conrad Lucas as the new Chair…he has been busy setting the stage for the 2012 election, raising funds and putting a Team in place…which includes a new Victory Director…Wendy McCuskey one of the best political minds I have met in years…Rob Cornelius will help with Legislative races and media.

In case you missed it…the 2012 presidential debate schedule was announced last week…there will be three…plus a VP debate…Domestic Policy will the topic on October 3rd in Denver…October 16th the candidates will be in Hempstead, NY to debate Foreign and domestic matters…the final debate is October 22nd on Foreign policy in Boca Raton, FL…the VP debate will be October 11th in Danville, KY.

DOWN ON THE FARM…a surprise endorsement of Kent Leonhardt for Agriculture Commissioner…provided by WV Farm Bureau…observers expected longtime Sen. Walt Helmick to be the favorite son…he had supported farm issues in the Legislature…and has been supported by Mike Teets…who got the 2008 endorsement over incumbent  Ag Commissioner Gus Douglass.

No word when the Democrat Jefferson Jackson Day dinner will be rescheduled…it was cancelled due to the storm that hit the State in July.

Republicans are preparing for Tampa…Party Chair Conrad Lucas has named Bill Phillips as Delegation Chair…others set to serve on Committees include Tom O’Neill and Charlotte Lane CredentialsRules Committee Donna Gosney and Bill PhillipsLucas will have a seat on Resolutions…Senator Donna Boley and Delegate Bob Ashley on the Permanent Organization.

Life after the Presidency…an interview with former President George W. Bush…courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Center…click here to view.

Purpose of this blog is to keep political developments and news flowing to both Democrats and Republicans…Democrats send along your Tidbits.

Now facts of interest to workers of both parties…Gallup reported 39% of Democrats say they are more enthusiastic about voting than usual, down from the summer of 2004 (68%) and 2008 (61%)…Republicans (51%) are more enthusiastic than in 2008 (35%) but the same as in 2004 (51%).

Back to the undecided voters…A Washington Post and ABC News polling in recent days…shows there are fewer genuinely undecided voters in the 2012 election campaign…than in any of the last three elections.


Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

“ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL” a phrase coined by Tip O’Neill [former U. S. Speaker of the House] is playing out in WV…

There is no place more local than Coalton…Saturday was the annual Coalton Days celebration…where 3,000 “locals from across WV” come annually…it a haven for politicians…they gather at former Senator Mike Ross’ home…along with the rest of the locals…where they are feed, introduced…work the crowd…line up for a hometown parade…this year was no different than in the past…except the lone Republican [besides myself] Bill Maloney showed up… quickly outnumbered…Governor Tomblin arrived via helicopter to serve as parade Marshall…Justice Robin Davis got there early introduce herself around…AG Darrell McGraw walked the parade route [with a tie on…it was hot]…a regular at the outing Walt Helmick in his new role as Ag Commissioner candidate was popular…a glimpse  was caught of Mike Hall who seeks to be State Treasurer [another GOP member]…congressional candidate [2nd]Howard Swint promoted Corridor H along the parade route… there were enough House and Senate members…for a quick session of the Legislature…that may be a new way for locals to influence legislative outcomes.

Staying home from a national political convention…is about as local as it gets…well known by now neither Senator Manchin…Governor Tomblin…nor Congressman Rahall…will attend, participate or vote at the Democratic National Convention in September…this is nothing new…Governor Cecil Underwood did not attend the GOP National Convention in 1996 [I ran his campaign].

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney…is getting local with a six state Every Town Counts bus tour…and it seems to be paying off with Republicans…read about it here.

State Republicans are holding local level platform hearings…across the state preparing for their August 4th state convention…Delegate John Overington leading the effort…I attended the Philippi session last night…many ideas from a room full of people…plus Kent Leonhardt [Ag. Commissioner candidate] was there lining up volunteers.

BTW…learned at Coalton retired General Allen E. Tackett…is campaign manager for Justice Davis…General Tackett is one of WV’s most respected citizens.

Great down home advice from Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito…to Boys State participants…urging attendees to learn how to communicate…you may be able to use this advice at home…read here.

Housecleaning or opportunity…Mik Carpenter…who leads the WV GOP Victory Plan…is leaving Friday…may be headed for Washington.

The cash register is ringing today…when candidates for public office…must file their financial reports…will see how much local money has been raised.

Still Going

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Just got off the phone with a GOP Legislator…while discussing another matter…they brought up my blog…saying I always learn something…that is good news…I then realized on June 12th it will be three years since I started this “hobby”…sure glad the feedback has been positive…I really enjoy sending along information and a bit of gossip.

I try to stay somewhat non-partisan [expect when it comes to Governor Romney]…there is a good piece on line from The Fix (Washington Post) about Obama’s bad week…I thought it was informative and not really taking either side…you might enjoy…just click here to read.

State Republican leaders are singing the praises of Conrad Lucas….the new State Chairman…who has gotten off to a fast start…putting in long hours…working on the internal infrastructure of the party…to better serve the needs of county organizations…and those running for office.

While Lucas is getting up to speed…the morning newspaper says Larry Puccio does not have opposition to continue as leader of State Democrats…they have a convention this weekend.

BULLETIN Ag Commissioner Gus Douglass…yesterday hosted Ken Leonhardt Republican candidate for Ag Commissioner… at his Capitol office… Leonhardt hopes to replace the legendary Gus Douglass…not sure what is going on here…but bet it has to do with farmer vs. non-farmer…stay tuned.

Conventions are on the minds of everyone political…Republicans are planning one for August 4th in Beckley…and those elected to represent the WV at the Republican National Convention members will be getting organized on a conference call Monday evening…Tampa is going to be hot…50,000 are expected.

Donna Gosney is contacting GOP State Leaders…telling them she plans to seek another term…as WV Republican National Committeewoman.

Back to Lucas…he has written a strong piece that appeared today in The WV Record…regarding the Obama “war on coal”…see it here.

Charlotte is already “hot” for Democrats…their state party has been rocked by a sex scandal…John Edwards lives there…labor leaders are unhappy with many issues…not just what happen in Wisconsin…the incumbent Democrat Governor dropped out of the race…money is short someone decided not to take corporate funds…and the leader of the 99% will deliver his acceptance speech at the Bank of America stadium.

Bill Maloney is having out of town guests…Louisiana Governor Jindal is coming June 19th…and Governor Rick Perry of Texas…will be here WV Day…to help raise funds for the Maloney gubernatorial campaign.

There are parties everywhere…John Raese is celebrating America’s Freedoms on July 4th…the Greer Estate will be turned into a place of fun…and set off the Raese campaign with a bang…the fund raiser tickets start at $150…and end with The Big Bang at $2,500.

A Charge Kept…the Bush Presidential Center sent…the video of remarks President Bush made at the unveiling of President and Mrs. Bush portraits last week at the White House…this is not to be missedClick here.

Look for Republicans to put extra effort into the Legislative races in 2012…the place to begin making real change in WV government.

Jim Reed longtime Republican National Committeeman announced he is leaving the post…on a personal note I have informed State Republican Committee members…I plan to be a candidate.


Political Tidbits…Pre-Primary

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

WANTED…this is not a partisan blog…even though it might seem like it at times…we need information about activities from Democrats, Republicans, Independents & Tea Party activists…just like a newspaper the news may not always make it…after a non-partisan review…send to

Republican primary voters…and Independents choosing the Republican ballot…will find a long one…the GOP will be electing delegates to their National Convention…voters will elect 19 at-large delegates…and 3 in their congressional district…to the August Tampa convention…LOOK  & VOTE FOR THEM.

An interesting Treasurer race…for the Republican nomination…according to GOP based rumors…Putnam Sen. Mike Hall [Senate Leader] had told party recruiters he had no plans to seek statewide office…the result Steve Connolly a Putnam County assistant prosecuting attorney [may come in handy running against John Perdue]…was then recruited…both filed…word has it Connolly may be the sleeper…after visiting many Lincoln dinners.

A sign of the times…Newcomers received 77% in an online poll taken by The Inter-Mountain [Elkins] while Incumbents got 23%.

The State Republican Chairman race is taking on a life of its own…never has there been such interest…I recall the days when you begged someone to take the job…credit goes to many hard workers over the last years at all levels and outgoing leader Mike Stuart…who strengthen the organization…along with recent growth shown at the polls…not in registration.

An outsider Dick Morris [national columnist] urging party committee members to vote for Bob Adams [state chair race]…may backfire…in an email of endorsement…Morris said voters turned the state to red…”even as the Party is broke and disorganized”…Senate candidate John Raese is pushing Adams…seems strange [a candidate would get mixed up in this one] as unity after the May 12th vote may not be the order of the day…all the while Joe Garcia seems to have scattered support among County Chairs…he led them for many years…Conrad Lucas appears to be getting stronger as he visits Lincoln Day Dinners and events across the State…and Dan Greer a former AG candidate entered the race late…expect the campaigning to heat up this week…it may get more coverage than the results from Tuesday’s primary election.

CLARIFICATION…several candidates around the State…for various offices in the May 8th primary…have posted on phillipsbillboard…asking for support or money…we welcome comments on a phillipsbillboard post or policy…but cannot turn the comment section into an advertising panel.

With the 2012 election likely to be won or lost in Eastern WV…the Young Republican organization there…is planning a Red Primary Party…the impression is that candidates from across WV will make this their base Tuesday night…rather than Charleston.

If you think this edition of Political Tidbits is a little Republican…it is…as the Democrat primary has been quietEXCEPT FOR Manchin and Tomblin…being undecided about their vote for President in November…then again the two Democrat races which will be watched closely on Tuesday night is to replace Gus Douglass as Commissioner of Ag and the Supreme Court contest…where real money has been spent.

Stay tuned.

PS …Joe Messineo running to replace Douglass emailed to say he was left out of Ag Department post  ‘Insides vs. Outsiders” phillipsbillboard post…well he has been both.

Political Tidbits…4.18.12

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

4 YEARS LATER and after $1 million of taxpayers’ money spent…and now Sen. Walt Helmick needs free media…has called for an investigation into the way the Board of Risk Insurance Management (BRIM) reaches settlements…where was Helmick when “his friend” Mike Teets raised the question [in his 2008 race for Ag Commissioner]…when Helmick was the keeper of the budget…political observers will recall a $75,000 settlement made by the Board to “hush up” a sexual harassment claim involving Douglass…some friend…when Helmick had the power as Senate Finance Chair…he could have had an investigation of the BRIM happen…to help “his friend” Mike Teets…today his Senate power is gone…but now he gets front page Charleston Daily Mail coverage for his race to success Douglass.

The most sought after office in WV appears to be State Chairman of the GOP…candidates are operating like a campaign for GovernorJoe Garcia is making lengthy calls to the 130 plus members of the State Executive Committee…Bob Adams says he has the endorsement of senate candidate John Raese…others say not…but Adams is traveling around WV to meet with committee members…Tom O’Neill a long time GOP committee member is keeping his own counsel…smartly…rumor of the day Dan Greer who ran for Attorney General in 08 is taking a look…Melody Potter remains on the side lines…but is in touch with everyone…Conrad Lucas…a promising & smart leader has taken a second look…and is after the prize…don’t under estimate the connections of Lucas…and his supporters…Mark Sorsaia left the race to carry out his Putnam duties County as a public official.

Welcome to WV Seth Wimer…who will lead the Maloney for Governor effort…he comes from Delaware where he served as Executive Director of the State Republican Party…he called today…nice conversation.

Stepping up to take on Ag Commissioner candidate Helmick has been the WV YR’s…not sure why they have involved themselves in a Democrat primary.

A Washington friend sent me a newsletter with a great opening…just had to pass it along…”In order to have a nice train wreck, you need two trains running at each other on the same track.  If you have only one train, it is just not the same.  The House Republicans (Congress) passed a bold, partisan fiscal year 2013 budget on March 29 that presents major reductions in taxes, changes to Medicare, and significant spending cuts.  The Senate Democrats did not fire up their budget engine and, once again, are not bothering to pass a budget resolution.”

Conrad Lucas announced WV YR’s will launch a website featuring candidates between the ages of 18-40 from across WV…this will come right after the primary…great idea as I have meet a number of impressive young candidates…more on that later.

Oh, for Some Kennedyesque Grace…a column by Peggy Noonan…which I have saved to share…read it all…just click here.

Just learned Chad Holland has informed State GOP Committee members Mik Carpenter has been named 2012 WV Victory Director…what happen to Maloney’s Patrick Esposito…and why is an appointment being made now…when a new State Chair is about to be elected.

Political Tidbits…4.6.12

Friday, April 6th, 2012

WHO WOULD HAVE thought the big race in the 2012 primary cycle would be to select the Democratic nominee for Commissioner of Agriculture…Republicans bounced back after the surprise given them by Mike Teets’ withdrawal…Kent Leonhardt a Monongalia farmer and ex-Marine was named as GOP candidate.

 Political polls seem to be one a minute….at least on the national level…Dick Morris did a great video commentary…on How Polling Worksclick here to an easy to understand education.

Rick Santorum and the national media writes he will benefit…from the May calendar of primaries…which includes West Virginia…how is this possible…WV will elect  28 delegates to the GOP national convention…and Santorum only has 5 WV delegates candidates pledged to him…and they may not win on May 8thMitt Romney has 46 pledged delegate candidates.

WANTED a new Chief of Staff…according to an email Chris Kofinis…has left Sen. Joe Manchin…in the beginning it was known he would only stay as long as necessary…Kofinis had been a commentator on most national TV networks…this explains Manchin’s TV appearances as freshman Senator…not that his positions did not attract attention.

WV Patriots…based in Randolph County has GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney…spending the day April 14th…news story says he will attend a dinner to end the visit…a bit surprising he will miss the Berkeley County Lincoln Dinner that evening…after almost winning [losing] the 2011 race in Eastern WV.

Everyone in the country is aware of President Obama saying he could not believe U. S. Supreme Court…would take the unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning [Obamacare] passed with a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress…but few are aware ALLEN LOUGHREY…candidate for WV Supreme Court…issued a statement deeply troubled by Obama’s comments…saying “A court’s impartiality is its principal source of its strength and legitimacy.”

Kanawha County’s Clerk has the WANTED sign out…there  is a need for election officials…even with the pay being $225 for the job…is no one interested any longer in good government…wonder if the partisan divide in Washington is playing a role.

Three with the name Manchin will appear on the Marion County ballot May 8th…Delegate Tim seeking re-election…Senator Joe…and Joe Manchin, IV is entering politics running for Marion County Commission.

The pressure is on outgoing Republican Chair Mike Stuart to move up his resignation date [May 9th]…but word has it he wants to travel to Scottsdale, AZ…in late April for State Chairman’s meeting…since he is leaving office…this would be a good move on Stuart’s part…to save party funds.

A lot of candidates to replace Stuart…calls were flying around last night…saying that Mark Sorsaia [PA in Putnam who ran against Maloney in 2011special primary] was gaining prominent support…experienced party insiders warn don’t take that to the bank…but Sorsaia may be the quiet thoughtful leader needed…after headline grabbing Stuart.

Other early candidates with known support include Conrad Lucas [Party Counsel] Leader]…Tom O’Neill [Party Vice Chair]…Joe Garcia [Summers Chair]…rumor has it Maloney’s political team wanted to put Patrick Esposito [former Democrat] in place to run the party and the gubernatorial campaign…finally Melody Potter former Associate Chair is making calls…will she be a last minute entry?

Condolences to the family of George B. “Brud” Warner a longtime Republican officeholder in Kanawha County.


Tidbits & Cherry Blossoms…

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Spending a few days in Washington…where politics never stops…Cherry Blossoms return annually…and after 25 years here…it’s like coming home.  The Republican presidential contest is CENTER STAGE…Romney is working the hill…the Supreme Court gets ready for Obamacare on Monday…and 2016 may be underway.

When the Afternoon Fix [Thursday] hit computers…reporting Santorum suggested he’d reelect President Obama over Romney…the Cherry trees began to shake.

Santorum quoted from Texas…”If you’re going to be a little different, we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk with what may be the Etch-a-sketch candidate of the future.”  Romney responded in a statement, “I was disappointed to hear Rick Santorum would rather have Barack Obama as president than a Republican…Any of the Republicans running would be better than President Obama and his record of failure.”  Gingrich likewise said any Republican better than Obama.

Straight out of POLITICO…on Romney visit to Capitol Hill yesterday: “Romney shared a light moment at the breakfast, which was held in the Hyatt Regency Washington, when 88-year-old Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Texas) told him that he had ‘never met a Mormon I didn’t like’ and noted that Latter-day Saints teetotalers ‘give me those airplane bottles of booze when we’re on a flight.’ Romney laughed good-naturedly with the oldest member of the House.” Enjoy the full story here.

The 2016 presidential campaign is underway…POLITICO Playbook says…Wayne Berman a DC GOP player…emailed “There is a keen awareness in the party, particularly among fund raisers and elected officials, that Santorum is playing to hurt Romney so that Romney loses.  Santorum sees himself as the nominee in 2016, and he’s playing a 2016 game.”

Four former Republican Senators wrote this morning about “GOP ideals that unite, not divide”worth a read just click here.

An important development this week…FREEDOMWORKS…the Tea Party group decided to drop its opposition to Mitt Romney…its VP Russ Walker told The Washington Times “It is a statistical fact that the numbers favor Mitt Romney.  We are dedicated to defeating Obama and electing a conservative Senate that will help Romney…repeal Obamacare and address the nation’s economic and spending challenges.”

Who would have thought a child’s toy playing a role in the presidential contest…Eric Fehrnstrom…whose comment raise the stock of Etch A Sketch joked on Twitter…about a poor choice of words that led to two days of attacks from his boss’ [Romney] rivals.  “Etch A Sketch stock is up?” he wrote. “Psst. I’ll mention Mr. Potato Head next.  By Hasbro.”

MEMORIES…former Senate majority leaders Howard Baker and Bob Dole struck a collegial tone at the “century of service” tribute to them at the Bipartisan Policy Center.  Click and check out the event here.

Laura Bush & friends were early morning visitors to see the Cherry trees…while brother-in-law former Florida Governor Jeb Bush endorsed Mitt Romney.

Does it sound like I support Mitt Romney…well I do.

Political Tidbits @ The Movies

Friday, March 9th, 2012

University of Tennessee students made a video about “The Debt Generation”.  The message should be shared with young people across the country.  Watch and do your part in sounding the alarm.  Click here to view

A 14 year old girl disappeared in New York City for 3 days.  Stepping forward to find this young lady was her father’s business partner.  Click here to view

One of the Republican presidential candidates says he’s the principled conservative in the race, but that‘s not how he voted.  Click here to view

A GOP deadlock could re-elect Obama.  Click here to learn more.